Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 10 Optifast

Hey ho,

So I broke the optifast diet yesterday. We had a few friends over to celebrate my graduation and I had a couple glasses of champagne and a sausage sizzle for dinner. Oh well!

The pre admission appointment went well yesterday. The nurse had problems finding my blood pressure (a common issue with me for some reason) but it was all normal in the end! We had to give a pee sample and I was happy to find out I have "keytones" (not sure on that spelling) in my urine but GB didn't. When I asked what that meant she said it meant I was starving but the boy wasn't. I could have told her that! I think GB was slightly offended by that! haha

So we're all set to go then! 4 sleeps to go!

Going to the West Coast Blues & Roots festival tomorrow which will be fun. GB has gone today too whilst I'm here saving WA from bushfires and lost tourists!

Em :)


  1. Fantastis news Em. Dont be discouraged by the GP, they often read ketones in urine as something to be alarmed about . In mild ketosis with the VLCD, you can expect ketones as your body changes to burning your fat reserves. Dont worry about having a life either, your friends are very important, but hey u dont need me to tell u that. Gosh i could go some Blues N Roots music ,lucky GB. Keep the good work going. You are doin fantastically. Keep us posted :)

  2. Wow.... its all happening really fast...
    Good luck..and thanks for the link!!

  3. I'm glad pre admin went well - nearly there now! Hope the blues and roots festival was good and you didn't melt.

    Don't worry - sausages and champagne happen :)