Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 5 Optifast

Those lollies are going to be the death of me! I thought I would have lost more by now but oh well. Managed to keep my hand out of the lollie jar yesterday but I did have one of mum's home made pumpkin scones which she made especially for me not knowing the circumstances. GB has told his folks and they are being very supportive, even offering to take us to the hospital and pick us up and look after Westie. I told my mum yesterday and she was really good about it too, asking lots of questions and when I showed her Dr Watson's webpage she said "that's the Doctor who fixed my hernia a few years ago!" hahaha Small world!

We're trying to get our butts moving literally. We used to be regular gym attendees but have slacked off. Saturday night we went for a walk with Westie (about 3kms) - not any great length or speed but at least it's something. Yesterday morning we went down to the river at Burswood to walk the bridges (about 7kms) but it was warmer there than expected, and poor little Westie was panting after about a km!! We ended up just walking up to the Wyndam bridge and back to Burswood. Took about 50mins all up so not that bad.

BTW - the headache finally went away on Sunday as everyone told me it would which is great!

 Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them - keep em coming!

Em :)


  1. Hide the lollies! That or replace them with the sugar free ones - just be careful - they can have a really fun effect! Just keep moving, and drinking, and the Opti.

    My surgeon explained to me that the Opti wasn't to lose weight before the surgery, but instead to get as much fat away from my liver so the surgery would be easier.

    Nice work on the walking - poor Westie though.

  2. But the lollies are SOOO good! haha I know you're right though!

    Yeah poor Westie - we stopped at the bridge to give her a drink and that gave her a bit more life for the walk back. Probably ended up doing about 4 or 5kms.