Saturday, February 6, 2010

Introducing Baxter!

Going to try to work out how to remotely add a pic of our new puppy Baxter! I say remotely because I'm using the Wordpress app on my iPhone coz I can't be buggered going upstairs to the laptop! Anyway He's 10 weeks old and already a champ! We had to pick him up from Geraldton yesterday which is over 400km north of Perth. He was fantastic on the 4hr drive home and slept most of the way. He and Westie got along pretty well last night and he only whined for 5mins before sleeping til 7am this morning! His teeth ate sooooo sharp tho! and he's a bit of a genius having already worked out how to use the doggy door. He can get in but is having some troubles using it to get out but he'll get there! Were very excited!

Oh yeah lost 200g last week. Blah


  1. cute is he!!!! I want another glad they get along...that is important. He is adorable...(so is Westie!!!)

  2. Oh far out.. you got him.. (I like the name too!! Nice win lol) He's so very cute!! Congrats.

  3. Oh congrats on your new baby :-) He's so cute