Friday, January 29, 2010


Hello friends.

This morning I feel rat-chewed. Incidentally I looked up "rat-chewed" on google images to source a pic for this post but didn't think people would quite understand the connection between a pic of wrecked electrical wire and what I was going for. Phsyically and emotionally I'm exhausted. It doesn't help that GB pissed me off royally last night so sleep was lacking (yes it's not always rainbows and kittens in our relationship but we work through these things). I'm also frustrated that I've been putting in quite a bit on the exercise front lately (back to the gym 3 times this week, wii active 4 times, pilates), eating minimally and today's weigh in? 77 farking kilos. I think that 75kg mark before the wedding is a pipe dream. I'm due for my period on Tuesday so I know I retain the week before but it's no excuse damnit! It has also meant the start of more heartburn, a bit of reflux and re-acquainting myself with the toilet bowl for a week. It's not just that I PB once. When I'm stuck I'm stuck for hours and hours causing severe stomach aches and backpain. It's poo.

I'm in desperate need of a holiday too. GB and I usually go down south or away together every couple of months but we haven't really since we got engaged in December 08. Don't get me wrong we've had holidays - me with the girls to bali and together with 2 other couples to phuket early in 2009. Melbourne for 3days in august (my mum & aunty too) and we were in Yallingup for a few days last december  (for the Busselton Ironman) but it was with other people, not just the two of us you know. So I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the honeymoon. Have I said we're we're going? We've got 5 nights in Vanuatu staying in a honeymoon villa at the Eratap Beach Resort then we fly to Brisbane and drive to Kingscliff staying at Peppers Salt Resort & Spa for 2 nights then we've got a night in Brisbane before flying home on Good Friday. It will be fantastic.

In wedding news, we finally agreed to the 4 songs for our ceremony after much deliberation and the celebrant sent us the ceremony wording - not going to lie - I got a little teary! Still have seemingly so much to do but we'll get there. Have been waiting for something to go wrong given a lot of things were organised a year ago but so far nothing major - the only thing being that the Celebrant's old PA told us she only needed copies of our passports for the marriage license but the new PA yesterday told us she needs copies of our birth certificates. GB can't find his so has had to order a new one and I'll have to go on a search this weekend for mine. As problems go it's pretty minor and solvable so I hope that's it!

I'm thinking about starting protein shakes next week - what is everyone's thoughts on this? And should it be in the morning or afternoon? GB has a big tub of stuff he bought last year when he was going to start weight training (which he didn't, little skinny man he is now) so I thought I'd give the stuff a crack.

OK I'm off now, hope you all have a great weekend!

Em :)


  1. So you're horribly tight too? Holy cow - must be either something in the water or the weather. I am suffering today too: I have been battling water and that's totally alien to me.... I don't seem to be able to eat without it feeling tight and sore: probably swollen. I can't imagine my restriction upped that much. I hope it fixes for you.. that's crap.. esp the reflux.. do you know what you're going to do about it? Just ride it out (you don't get an unfill in these times do you?)

    You def sound like you and GB need some alone time. In this busy life it's hard to grab some quality time. I guess, for you, the honeymoon is it.. which by the way sounds lovely! And no, I don't think you did mention it. :) Hope things improve for you.

  2. My fiance and I became engaged in December of '08 too (and are also getting hitched this year). :)

  3. Hi Em. How exciting that you and your sister are getting married in the same year. Do you think the scales are not moving because you have more muscle??? It must be so frustrating but I am sure it will come off soon. I like protein shakes and when I was exersing regularly would have one after a weights workout. I like Sculpt or Musashi. I still recall my wedding nearly 16 years ago and loved it all...I wouldn't change a thing ...I am sure everything will go fine. Thanks so much for your support of my blog and your comments the other day. It really lifted me...thanks.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys -

    Cara - I just try to wade through the tightness during TTOM. Funnily I struggled Saturday but yesterday was fine and today ok too - although I'm sticking to fluids/mushy food just in case today. Took a Pariet early last night when I felt the heartburn start and got through the night with no reflux so that seems to be the key

    Senorita Bandita - what a great coincidence - when is your wedding?

    Sally - Yes very exciting. I'm not doing much weight training mostly cardio so not sure about the muscle gain. Currently drinking GB's protein shake and it's awful - I think it's strawberry flavoured? Gross. Thanks for your support too :)

  5. Hi Emma,

    I'm a new commenter and bandster. Just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to hearing about your wedding - it sounds like your honeymoon is going to be to die for! You're also very lucky to have met the lovely Cara. I love meeting bloggers in real life :)

    Take care and have a great week! x