Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was sure today I'd be regalling you with my delight about the fact that I'd done my measurements for the first time since August and even though I hadn't lost any weight, my how I'd lost sooooo many centimetres from my body proving that the work I was putting in was really showing coz I was clearly toning up. Well I didn't lose any farking cms. Oh a couple off my bust - whoopdedoo! It's so discouraging because I've had so many comments about how thin I'm looking and I honestly feel my upper arms, butt and "bum-bag" tummy have really changed shape and improved. Possibly in areas the tape measure doesn't go? I don't know.

On top of that I put on 200g this week. 76.9kg. POOP. Must get back into a better exercise plan. The lunchtime walking thing didn't happen this week - neither did my swim. Went on a few walk/runs though and bought the new wii active workouts - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - have started the 6 week challenge and so far have done 3 workouts. Make no mistake - sweat was poring down me! The only thing I can think of is maybe I haven't eaten enough this week. Haven't been hungry at all so have been having an iced coffee about 9.30am, yoghurt at 2.30pm and then dinner at 7.30pm. hmmm.

Went and saw Dr Warren Jones one of the fill dudes at Watson's surgery on Wednesday. Told him that there were times that I felt I could eat too much but then at TTOM I'm in agony and I've also been suffering from heartburn lately too. He said definately no fill. According to their scales I'd lost 4kgs since the last time I was there (3months ago). He asked me to book in for another 3 months time because I might need a slight un-fill - especially if TTOM or the heartburn gets worse. I liked him better than Bowater. He reminded me of a 1970's Jack Thompson - kinda geeky surfy dude. He didn't give me a lecture like Bowater usually does which was nice. He also gave me some Pariet to help with the heartburn.

My sisters, mum and I troddled off to take my wedding dress to have the alterations started. It was the first time my mum had seen the dress because she's spent most of the year in Melbourne and she loved it which was a relief. The girls told me I looked super skinny (nice to hear - but probably due to my miracle suit that was sucking me in underneath!!). I'm still worried about my upper arms being bulgy and my oprah wings underneath but not alot I can do about that now aside from my arm weights before bed time!!! I had to have the top taken in about 2-3 sizes but the hips fit well. Hope I don't look too pear shape!

On other wedding news, my sister found a wedding dress today - I had to rush over to the shop to see her in it this afternoon and she looked just beautiful. She's about a size 16-18 which in wedding dresses could mean anything up to a size 22 and of course bigger dressers are harder to come by to try on (I had to take a leap of faith when I ordered mine because it didn't fit over my hips when I tried on the size 12 sample!) Anyway I haven't heard the full story but apparently one of the places today, the lady made her cry coz she was so awful to her. What a farking beeyotch. I don't even know what happened but if I were there I would have given her a piece of my mind! Anyway they went to the place I bought mine from and found this beautiful dress that she's decided is THE one. She looked sooo beautiful and it was gorgeous and flattering and they knocked $150 off the price to put it in her budget. I'm really pleased for her. She's getting married exactly 6 months after us so it's a big year for our family!

Anyway, must go. It's beer o'clock and date night tonight!

Em :)

PS - It was super cool meeting up with Cara and MOTH last Friday night - check out her blog (The Dash) to see a pic of us!

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  1. That was such a cute picture of you guys! And...poor Oprah's wings. Just goes to show with all the money, help, support...fat happens.

    This is not the first I have heard over the last couple of days of wedding dresses running small. This will not make me happy when it comes time to try on dresses. Good thing I have a little while!