Friday, January 8, 2010

New Lowest Weight Ever... FINALLY!

Well well well... this morning I weighed in at 77kgs exactly! Saw 76.9 pop up but it wouldn't come back. Either way I'm super stoked because I've finally got away from the high 77's and posted a new lowest ever weight. I'm pretty amazed (even though it is TTOM) because although I was planning to put in a big effort exercise wise this week it didn't eventuate. Started off well - on Monday at lunchtime GB and I went on a 5km walk (with a few hills) - it was bloody hot but I'm glad we did it. Then late on Monday night we both got the call that we were needed for the Moore River fire at 5am in Wanneroo. I didn't finish till about 8.30pm that night and GB even later and then had to be back at Wanneroo early on Wednesday and again finishing late so no exercise at all (aside from walking back and forwards to the printer). I tried to be sensible with food - avoiding lollies - and as it was basically couldn't keep anything down, not even water, at all for the 2 days so spent a lot of time in the loo - not fun. Yesterday marked the first day back at pilates and oh boy was it tough. What little strength I'd built up seemed to have vanished again! After work GB and I walked Westie down to Tomato Lake and I decided to try for the elusive 5km jog.... which was more like a shuffle! The lake is about 1.6kms around and the 2nd lap was particularly tough - felt like I was barely moving, had cramps, my knees sore and I was truly going to stop after 2 laps but decided to push through and then did the bit extra to make it to just over 5kms. Ironically I only did it a few minutes faster than our hilly 5km walk on Monday! hahaha Anyhoo today I feel like a cripple!

Chocolate challenge is still a goer... although I won't lie I've had chocolate in other forms but I haven't had any chocolate bars at all which is a MASSIVE thing for me! GB is still off his chips too. Poor bugger put on a few kgs over christmas/new year but now that he's back in full training for the triathlons I'm sure that will melt back off him in no time at all.

Big weekend on - date night tonight (GB's turn), then tomorrow up at the crack of dawn to look at flowers with my friend who's doing our bouquets, then helping my sister move most of her stuff into storage and move her in with our other sister, then 80's party at a friends place. Sunday should be relatively bare - thinking about going to see either Avatar 3D or Sherlock Holmes.

Thanks for the positive feedback on my invites - I really love them too.

Anyhoo, best be getting some work done!

Em :)


  1. You know, I'm amazed you don't sweat kilos doing volunteer fire fighting.. you're a brave girl - that would scare the pants off me.

    Good for you for getting out and jogging (shuffling! lol) though it was hot. Again - I'm like a vampire - 'MY EYES... MY EYES" in regards to the heat. You're a champ!

  2. Congrats on the lowest weight ever....sounds like a fun weekend...enjoy

  3. Congrats!

    And both of those movies are great!