Saturday, January 10, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Such relief as it's never been felt before! Had 0.25mls removed yesterday so I now have 4.75mls in my band. I felt instant relief and managed to drink my iced coffee in about 30mins instead of 6 hours. Then for lunch had 4 california sushi rolls. DELISH. Dinner went to a friend's place for her b'day and had 4 bites of a soft taco and half a potato and half a piece of chocolate cake. Awesomesauce. Today I ate lemon chicken and some fried (I know, I know) rice for lunch. I'm still feeling restriction when I should but NO PB's!!! It's bloody awesome. I fully expect to put on some weight next week due to no exercise while we're moving house (unless you count lugging couches around) and finally eating food which I hadn't for 3 weeks, but that's ok. I hope to get some energy back too! Although I only lost 1kg since boxing day - although the alcohol has gone down fine and about the only food that stayed down was crap so I guess that's understandable!

Was supposed to have the day off work to help GB move some of the bigger stuff (he couldn't wait till next week so we're doing it now), but got interrupted at 11am from a phone call from my sister. She was having an operation today but forgot to bring her CT scan. So I had to go to the hospital to get her keys, to her place to get the scans, get fuel (0 Kms to empty is scary!), go back to the hospital and take her scans to her and then finally back home. We ate some chinese for lunch then were just getting back into loading up the truck when I got a call from my receptionist. She was the only admin person in the office and had a "lady issue" whilst wearing white pants and was freaking out a tad. So I had to come into work and cover reception and phones until 5pm. 5mins to go! Isn't being the boss the greatest! Anyway so many interruptions makes me wonder if we're meant to be moving today or not! Oh well.

Anyway must be off...

Have a great weekend all!

Em :)


  1. Hehehe... congrats on your no-pb-day :P

    (and can't imagine iced coffee tasting too good after 6 hours!?)

    L xo

  2. Yep you're so right. Iced Coffee, not so much "Iced" after 6 hours!