Monday, January 19, 2009

Sniff, cough, splutter

As irony would have it, I have a cold. In summer. I had Wednesday off to help GB finish cleaning our rental and woke up with the sorest throat in the world. By mid afternoon I was walking around carrying a tissue box and plastic bag tucked into my shorts. As luck would have it I had a dinner party to organise. My cousin was over from the UK so I had invited her, my aunty & uncle, my mum, my two sisters and one of their partners over for dinner. So I'm catering for 9 people in a house that's barely unpacked in a kitchen I've yet to use. I decided to make canneloni with grilled mediterranean vegies. In my mind I thought we'd just do the vegies on the BBQ. Of course I'd totally forgotten that we had natural gas outside for the BBQ in the old place but not in the new so we had to convert back to gas bottles which we hadn't done yet. Awesomesauce. So I smoked out the kitchen cooking vegies on a skillet and a frypan. Needless to say the canneloni was a bit dry by the time I'd finished! But it was pretty successful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which was good.

I took Thursday and Friday off as I was barely able to keep my head off the pillow. On Friday, GB put shelving up in our "harry potter room" (the room under the stairs). We're extremely cupboard deficient in the kitchen so this was a way to combat those issues. He did an amazing job. Saturday morning we woke up to voicemail on both our mobiles. It seems the department we work for required as down in Kirup for a bushfire which was happening down that way. Although we weren't on call, the one that was had been deployed elsewhere so they were scrambling for numbers. I was in no condition to go so I had to say no to that chunk of double time (the wedding fund groans) but GB took off. So it was just me and Westie for the weekend. I think she also has a cold as she has been sneezing heaps lately!

On Sunday I decided to get out of the house and took my sisters to the Bridal Expo at Burswood. I think it would be worth it for people who are ready to book things but as we weren't I was a bit disappointed to not even get a free bit of cake for my $15 entry!  I did talk to a woman who worked for the House of Tartan about taking in GB's kilt as it's massively too big for him now. She said it would probably cost $300. I reckon it would be cheaper to hire one!!! Also spoke to a place that does personalised chocolates. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So before the expo we went to an italian place for lunch. My fettucine did NOT go down well (although it came up quite well!) which was disappointing.

I cancelled our appointment with Watson this week as I am happy with the fill removal from a couple weeks ago and GB is happy where he is at the moment. So I've made an appointment for mid March which will be 1 year on from the band! Less than 3 weeks till we're off to KL and Phuket - I can't wait! I'm going to look SO much better in my bathers than I did last time we were there!

Hope everyone else is travelling well. I'll jump over to your blogs and check up on ya. Don't forget to leave a comment for me - I'm a comment whore!

Em :)

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  1. What a bummer...I hate colds in the summer! Glad the meal turned out ok.