Friday, February 18, 2011

38+3 Still hanging in there!

Hi all,

Is anyone still stopping by here? Things have been a bit crazy and surprisingly it seems I have even less time to blog! In a nutshell, baby seems in no hurry to arrive - I'm on weekly appointments with the OB now and baby is well positioned (head down) but not very engaged yet. We have a couple of names shortlisted but won't decide on it until we meet her and see what suits.

Bandwise, not much change. Some days I can eat heaps and other days I still PB food or only eat a small portion. Very disappointed in the weight I've put on but I know I will get it off again and looking forward to getting into a regular walk/run routine after bub is born. I'm still doing antenatal water aerobics classes twice a week which is good - it's nice to feel light in the water! It's been far too hot here to go on any walks unfortunately.

Hubby went and got a fill a couple of weeks ago for the first time in 18months (0.25ml) as he was slipping into bad habits and had also put on weight. We disagreed about it because I know when he gets back into training for triathlons and marathons he needs the extra fuel and particularly needs to be able to eat in the mornings, but in the end it was his decision. He's had to re-learn the small bites & extra chewing that had slipped away over time, which lead to a few trips to loo and he seems to be having some night reflux so I'm worried that he may need some taken out again but will see how he goes.

I finished up work on the 28th of January so am having to get used to living on half pay!! Worked out that with my leave, work paid parental leave & govt paid parental leave I can get half my normal pay for the rest of the year -whether or not we can live on that will be another thing all together! But people do it every day right!

Anyhoo I will leave you with some pics of the nursery and of course our furbabies! I have 192 blogs to read - eek!

Baxter & Westie

Love our wall art

Pram, capsule

Ikea shelving!

Peekaboo mum!


  1. I love your wall art too. I'm so excited to see pictures of the baby soon!!!!

  2. Love your nursery - gorgeous!!!

    All the best :)

  3. YAY a new post!!! I'm glad to hear you are hanging in there. Baby will come as soon as she is ready, right? Hopefully soon? I can't wait to see pictures.
    Your wall decal of the tree is very similar to what I had planned in my first pregnancy. Have no idea what I'll do this time, but I have plenty of time to figure it out. Gonna wait till the last minute for that ;).
    4th Cervix measurement was done today and we're still doing great!
    Hope you are getting some down time during all this business.

  4. I missed this post due to being sick and having laptop problems :(

    Love the wall art. That is so pretty!! Glad to hear everything is going well :o) And yu puppies are still so adorable!!