Monday, April 11, 2011

A new chapter begins

Well well well... anyone still stopping by?

Forgive any spelling typos - I'm doing this with one hand as Asher is asleep on my chest!

So I had a baby! Ended up being induced on the 3rd March and after quite a traumatic 16hrs after the first epidural didn't work and they finally found an anethatist to put in another one so that they could increase the drip to progress labour - the last 4hrs of which I was awesomely numb from the waist down, Asher was born with the help of a vaccuum (I couldn't tell if I was pushing - I just made sure I was doing the noises!). Officially, active labour was 8hrs. Anyhoo she's just lovely.

GB and I are blindly feeling our way around this whole parenting caper after 5.5 weeks. Asher's had colic which isn't making things fun but she does have some good days! She's starting to smile now which is great to see. As she's formula feeding GB is helping with the feeds so we each get up once to feed during the night at the moment. In between when she's restless I tend to get up now that GB is back to work. It won't come as a shock to parents out there that we are absolutely exhausted!

Our furbabies are very protective of her, they sometimes get up at night while we feed and if she's crying they come up to see if she's ok. Very cute.

We also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last month. We finally indulged in the bottle of Dom Perignon we'd bought duty free on our honeymoon with an antipasto platter we made. So so so good!

Weight wise - I'm down about 10kgs from what I got to at the end of my pregnancy - but that hasn't shifted in a few weeks. My diet is shocking consisting of a big percentage of chocolate! I'm trying to get out each day for a walk with Asher, but sometimes I'm just too tired. Did a 1hr walk today though. My band has been playing silly buggers which is frustrating given I have next to zero fill in. I'm hoping it's just the crazy hormones playing havoc with restriction (I went about 5 days this week not being able to keep anything down) and not a band slip or the pouch dilation which is what I had before the wedding last year.

We've booked a trip to Bali in September so I want to lose at least 10kgs by then.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some more pics of Asher.


  1. She is just so adorable! And that is sweet with the puppies wanting to check on her! :0)

  2. She is gorgeous Em! Thank you for sharing!

  3. She is adorable. YAY for the 10 kgs down! :)

  4. Congrats on the first 10 kilos down, I hope your band starts to behave for you so that the next ten will come off with out too much drama :o)

    Asher is gorgeous - I am loving the last pic with the pup looking over her. I can just tell this is going to be one very photographed little girl :o)

  5. Awe EM----------Asher is sooo cute!! Congratulations and ENJOY!!!!!