Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goal attained!

Not really the way I wanted to do it but certainly being sick has helped me easily reach my Europe goal (and 20kg lost since band). Still not well but feel like I'm turning the corner - but I'm still really weak.

Hope everyone else is well. This will likely be my last post till after I get back from Europe in 6 weeks. Hope you all check back then.

Em :)


  1. Em, I hope you are feeling better soon - heading to Europe feeling sick and weak can't be a good thing. Congratulations on hitting that 20kg goal - such a shame the germs contributed - but remember - you still did all the hard work. Have a fab time in Europe - we'll be heading off about when you get back but I'll definitely be checking in at some point.


  2. I too hope your felling better.
    Good on you for reaching you goal of 20kgs. Sick or not you have reached it so good on you:O)
    Take care and have a great time away.
    Cheers Tina