Thursday, July 17, 2008

Late Update - warning! may be TMI contained within

Sorry for my absence. Last week it was work keeping me super busy, working nights and weekends. Then Saturday came and started feeling a bit woozy and tired. Had to work on my job application too. Sunday - dodgier, really sore neck, finishing job application. Sunday night raging fever, sweats, chills, body aches and pains. Luckily I was able to postpone my monday workshop and thought I'd work from home. Except that I couldn't get out of bed. GB took me to the docs - couldnt get into my regular one so went to one up the road. Of course I had to fill out a billion forms. He said I likely had a flu virus but my glands were up so wanted to do a blood test for glandular fever and a full body picture and my iron levels. He put me on antibiotics and bed rest.

Tuesday I dragged myself to work (GB had to drive) and conducted a full day budget workshop in 2 hours and GB picked me up and brought me home and stayed with me. I kept taking soluable panadol rapid which makes me want to barf and felt like poo. My mum and sister were going to come out for dinner with us because my mum is off to melbourne and wont be back before we leave for Europe. We changed it to chinese takeaway. I had 3 mouthfuls of rice and half a piece of lemon chicken and was done. No appetite at all. Cannot get enough water though.

Went to bed and was freezing except I wasn't. To touch me I was on fire, but I couldn't stop shivering. Went to bed in uggboots. Then I started to feel hot. Took my temp -39.4 - not good according to google. Had a wet towel which heated up in about 10 seconds of touching me. At some stage during the night I sat in the shower, wondering if i would be able to get up. As it turns out not so much. Laid in a towel on the bathmatt for about half an hour before puttin on a tshirt and crawling back to bed. Temp still 39.4. Contempated waking up GB and asking him to take me to Emergency but didn't want to risk any oe telling me I wouldn't be able to fly next week. Didn't sleep all night and the fever finally broke around 6am. I was going to try to get to work but GB cracked it and said no way,had no energy to argue. He then lovingly informed me that I smelled like a rotting corpse. Well that's what happens when you sweat the night away!

 Scribbled some notes for the Finance & Admin Coordinator so she could run the workshop and had GB drop in my laptop.

Dozed in bed for the morning. GB called and had made me another Doc appt to get my blood test resuts. Went and sat back in the shower and managed to wash my hair (sort of). Getting dressed took everything out of me. The doc says that the bloodtests show that I have had glandular fever at some stage because antibodies were present but I don't have the infection at the moment. Some other thing was elevated but said that was normal given the virus I was fighting and my iron count was low - 5 but iron stores was normal. Basically a good result. Wish I felt better.

To add to feeling like death, back in January I bought GB a voucher for a cooking class for our anniversery. They're so popular, it took us 6 months to get a spot in a Tapas class (should be band friendly - our reasoning. It's tonight. I'm absolutely devastated. If there was any possible way I thought I could get up for 2 hrs I would, god knows I would. But given that I almost passed out gettig the laptop from the study and bringing to bed, plus the fact its taken me an hour to write this, I just know I can't make it. I don't want to ruin it fr GB - he was so looking forward to it, so now he's going with another of our friends. Oh and I've developed a lovely asthma cough. Plus we've got a funeral to go to tomorrow, so I just have to be well enough for that.

The very small positive to come out of this is that I lost 2.4kgs this week. That's what not eating will do for you! I didn't lose anything last week so it made up for my disappointment and puts me in reach of my Europe Goal - lose another 800g in a week. Fingers crossed!

Hope everyone is going well, I hope to catch up with your blogs soon.





  1. Em, I've been wondering where you are. You poor thing. I really hope you are feeling better soon so you don't feel like death on that lovely long flight.

    Look after yourself xox

  2. You poor thing! Hope you're feeling better now. Tell me, have you watched Dr Horrible? (