Monday, June 30, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Geez. We have eaten out every night since last Thursday. Very hard to lose weight. I've tried to make sensible choices but a sneak peak at the scales this morning had me 200g up from last Wednesday. Coupled with the fact we've had no time for exercise since Thursday's PT session and I'm an unhappy camper. Here's what we've done/eaten:

Thursday night: GB's sister in law's bday at pub -
GB and I share grilled fish and chips. I ate small amount of fish and a few chips. There was a salad bar so I had a small saucer size plate of a few not very healthy salads.

Friday night: Dinner with friends at The Pony Club -
Tapas restaurant, so small shared servings. If you ever go - order the marron - it's to die for! We ordered 4 tapas to start with 4 serves on each, so we each got a taste. Then ordered one main (a seafood risotto) and 2 more tapas. Dessert - shared churros (like donuts but sticks not circles with choc dipping sauce) between the 4 of us. One cocktail for me (aptly called a Mood Adjuster with Vodka, Baileys and espresso) and a couple of glasses of wine. Didn't feel like I ate too much so that was good.

Saturday - 10 of us were to take part in an Iron Chef Cook Off Challenge. The boys to cook, girls to judge. 3 ingredients chosen which had to be used in all the dishes. I was busy with work stuff so I didn't make the lunch time offering but went for dinner. GB and I shared - 3 asparagus stalks in lemon juice with parmesan cheese, mushroom, white wine risotto, some baked (whole) fish, tiramasu. One glass of champagne for me.

Sunday: GB's folks are off to Scotland on Wednesday so went out for lunch -
GB and I order the grilled fish and a greek salad. I had a small piece of fish and about a quarter of the salad.

Sunday Night: Dinner with my mum & sisters -
GB and I order the grilled fish (again!) and a caesar salad. I had a small piece of fish (again!) and about a half of the caesar which wasn't very big to begin with. About 4 wedges and a bowl of gelato vanilla icecream.

So I think I'm starting to be able to eat more than I should. I said I would review my fill after about 6 weeks because we're not booked in again to see Doc Watson till mid September when we return from Europe as he didn't want to put more fill in just before we left. I'm still dealing with PB's a few times a week. I get a little bit hungry in the mornings but not too bad. I don't think a fill this close to going to Europe would be a good idea so I'm just going to have to use some of that self control thing I've been hearing so much about.

Anyhoo, no plans for the next couple of nights so I'm going to buckle down and try to NOT put on weight this week!

Em :)


  1. Oooh, self control. Fun. Not. If that worked for me in the long term I wouldn't have the band.

    I hear you on the fill before Europe thing - I've got an appointment 3 weeks before we go, and another the week before we go - that way if I've got some in there and it is too much we can deal with it.

  2. Okay, so it must be time for an update! How is the Europe goal going? Inquiring minds need to know.