Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi all, have been quite atrocious with food choices this week. Lots of Iced Coffees and cakes and party pies and sausage rolls and not a great deal of exercise unfortunately. Still, I've got a couple of days to be good and hopefully post a loss this week on Wednesday.

GB today said he wants to get a tattoo to cover his scars on his tummy. I hope he was kidding. He doesn't want them to be so obvious. I tried to explain that they fade over time and that his scars are actually pretty good - all straight lines and so will go away to next to nothing. I don't want to get home and find him with a Ben Cousin's "Such Is Life" tattoo across his torso. Heads will roll.

Friday and Saturday I was struggling from a killer sore leg/hip/back. My mum seemed to think that it was related to my sciatic nerve (not sure on that spelling!). It was really hard to go up and down stairs and getting into the car. While moving around I was ok but if I sat for any time it was like my leg froze up. Not fun at all. Of course it could also be related to the quadrillion lunges we did with the PT on Thursday. That boy needs to get laid because he just about killed us on Thursday! Our session went for over 45 mins instead of 30, GB was about to pass out and I was about to cry! It was full on. Fingers crossed he got a bit over the weekend and tonight's session will be a bit easier. I'm actually hoping for rain so that we have to stick to inside the gym!

Thanks for everyone's comments re GB's back. It's still not great unfortunately. He went to the physio about 3 times last week. He's got another appointment tomorrow. It is better than it was though so finger's crossed it's 100% before we jet off to Europe in 6 WEEKS! WOOO HOOO!

Bye :)


  1. Boy, can I so identify with bad food choices at the moment. At least you went to gym though, even if it was punishing.

    Glad to hear GB's back is getting better...even if slowly.


  2. OK, if you don't have it already, get GB some Bio Oil - it is fantastic for scarring and stretchmarks. That tattoo sounds scary. No one wants to be waking up next to that! Fingers crossed his back keeps improving before Europe - he doesn't want to be sore there.

    I think your mum could be right with your back - the freezing up after sitting sounds familiar. What's with all the dodgy backs at the moment?

    Myf xox

  3. Be careful with the sciatic pain honey. I had that and kept exercising, saw a physio and osteopath for around 18 months and ended up having a disc removed in my lower spin because it got sooo bad. Get a CT done to see what's going on and watch what you do with your back at the gym. It's the worse pain... I know!!

    P.S You're doing great on the Weight loss front... can't wait to see the Europe photos!! :)

  4. Oh yeah Bio Oil! I do have some of that somewhere - good call!

    I've had the sciatic pain once before about a year ago and I could barely walk for a week! Much worse than this time around! Feeling back to normal now.

    5.5weeks till Europe - yay!