Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week 13 Update

Well, I was pleasantly surprised this morning on my weigh in. I lost 1.2kgs this week! So I'm stoked. I'll do my June meaurements tonight and post tomorrow. Starting to get a few comments about my weightloss (as you would  think so after 13.9kgs!) so hopefully the measurements will show some good cm losses.

GB is still going great guns (his weigh ins are Fridays) and is getting better with his running. He reached a personal goal of his to run around a park near us (which is bloody huge I might add), this morning so he was stoked. I'm so proud of him. On Sunday we went to Garden City shops (as it was open for some reason) and I convinced him to buy some new jeans. He wanted to wait till just before we go away to buy new clothes but his stuff is looking ridulous! (losing 25kgs will do that!). He hasn't been able to fit into surfy jeans or shorts in ages and ages so he was super excited to find that he fit into a 38 surf-brand jeans. And his butt looked goooooood. Of course then he needed a new top to go with his spanky new jeans. No more XXL for him, he easily fit into an L. Then as a bit of a goof, I told him to try on a scarf. He looked like a model! So he bought the scarf too. His friends gave him shit but he looked awesome! I took a pic on my phone but he's not keen on pics being posted on the my blog so I'll just leave it to your imaginations!

GB's back is getting better but he's still taking pain meds and is going to go back to the doctor this week. The physio said he only needs one more session because his back is loosening up well but it will just take natural time to heal.

My leg/back pain has subsided thank goodness! Although the last couple of days I've had super sore hammies from PT on Monday. We had to do these things (I like to call them Death Drops) where you hold a bar bell (one hand up, one down), then keeping your back perfectly straight, bend at the hips and run the barbell about an inch away, down your legs. Owchy Wowchy. I like our PT guy - even though he calls me "young lady" which I hate coz I'm like 10 years older than him! We do something different in every session and alternates between outside stuff and inside the gym. He's definately keeping us on our toes!

Tonight after work, GB and I are going to attempt to play Squash. I've never played before and have no idea what to do. My aim will be to get through the game without a squashball to the face injury. Should be fun!

Hope everyone else is going well.

Em :)


  1. I used to play squash for school sport, I was pretty ordinary at it but it was fun :)

    Congrats to both of you on your losses so far, it seems to be working out well for you!

  2. Hi Em

    This is my first time checking out your blog and you are doing so well. It is really inspiring seeing people move on past the actual banding and watch how they are making it work for them in real life. I get banded on 5th August so am still going through the early stages.

    Ps Love your Puppy

    Kind Regards

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Claire & Mim. I'll be sure to stop by your sites soon!

    Westie's not much of a puppy anymore - she's 2 next month!

  4. Em, I love catching up with how you guys are going - you are both doing so well. I wonder if there is an optional part of PT courses that involves torture - I"m sure mine has been to the same torture course! Love the results though.