Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 14 Review

Hey-ho, sorry about the sporadic posts - just ridiculously busy at work. I've even worked at home the last couple of days because I can't get interruption free time in the office. Grrr

So I didn't think I was going that well this week, then TTOM reared its ugly head. In the opposite way to convention, I tend to lose more weight not less at TTOM. So it was a 1.8kg loss this week - yeehaaa. That takes my 14 week total to 15.7kgs since receiving the band. Also on track to reach my weight goal for Europe (just over 4 weeks to go!) - I need to lose 3.9kgs.

GB was 500g off his Europe goal last week. He was really disappointed but he's done SO well. I mean he's 4 weeks ahead of his goal! He'll definately get there this week.

Exercise wise this week wasn't TOO bad. I think I went to the gym last Thursday, then nothing much Fri/Sat, then we walked to Gloria Jeans and back on Sunday (about 20mins each way). Monday was the PT again and yesterday we walked the Burswood/Causeway bridges in about 1hr 15mins. It was a tough walk due to some heavy head wind and we did try to jog for bits of it. Tonight it's Squash Mk 2. We've bought new balls and new grips for the rackets so I'm sure I will play a lot better this time around!

You may notice some dodgy looking pics in my flickr photo bar to the right. We had a bogan party on Saturday! It was awesome fun. I surprised GB coming out with a big preggers belly, cigarette, high pony, teased fringe, blue eyeshadow, wife beater, flannel shirt, trackies and pink uggies. Yep I was attractive. Have a look at the staged fight photos between me and GB - very amusing.

I've started taking iron tablets this week. I've always struggled with my iron levels and floated into anaemia territory on more than 1 occassion mostly due to lack of red meat and vegies in my diet. Well the other day I noticed my left leg is covered in massive big bruises and I have no recollection of banging into anything. This happened a couple of years ago when I lost a bunch of weight and I thought I had cancer or something - had a shit load of blood tests and the doc decided that I am just "prone to bruising". But I thought it might be low iron so will give a course of ferretin a go and if I'm still bruising will go to the docs.

Anyway, better get stuck into some work.

Hope everyone is going well - I will try to stop by your blogs this week! And thanks for all your comments everyone!


  1. I was wondering if you were withholding some "expectant" news or something! Too funny!

  2. Those photo's are sooo funny. That is a great idea for a party:O) You are really doing well with your weight loss. Congratulations.
    Also thankyou for your comments ion my blog i love getting them.
    Cheers Tina

  3. Great photos - sounds like it was a great time!

    The work thing is driving me nuts - my only interruption free time seems to be between 6.30 and 8 in the morning, or from 6 - 8.30 at night or weekends. Aaaargh. It will get better - won't it?

    You are both so close to your Europe goal - congratulations :)

  4. Oh, my God, those photos are hilarious. But even dressed as a heavily pregnant chain-smoking bogan, you're looking so well and healthy, it's great to see.