Friday, June 20, 2008


Holy moly I'm freezing. Due to the gas shortage and as I work for a government department, we were instructed yesterday to reduce our aircondititioning to 20C. As that was even colder than outside I decided to turn ours off all together. Worked yesterday as the day warmed up but this morning my office is 16.3C. And I'm in a massive coat and contemplating getting my scarf out of the car. But I keep telling myself - better to be cold than one of those people losing their jobs.

PT was an absolute bastard last night. I literally thought I might die. Pullups, pushups, crunches, skipping, running up and down stairs, jumping lunges, calf raises........ arrrggghhhhhh. I could barely see through the sweat running down my eyes!

Anyway, have to go for a walk and get my blood pumping before it freezes.

Em :)


  1. Em,

    I am sending you mental thoughts of wooley socks and a fluffy doona.Keep up the good thoughts.


  2. Sounds like you might need a beanie too. Poor you, on the plus side you have a job to go with your hypothermia. I'm noticing that I feel the cold so much more now too - so you must be much the same.

  3. I hope things warm up for you. Pity you can't take a little heater to work and stick it under your desk!

    Sending warm thoughts your way.