Friday, February 27, 2009

Not happy

I'm quite disappointed in my rate of weight loss. 300g this week and I think I've been quite good food wise and exercise wise. I've got a check up appointment with Watson's sidekick in a few weeks (1 year bandiversary) but I'm not sure if I want any fill or not. I still struggle at lunch time sometimes but at dinner I feel like I'm eating TOO much.

On a positive note, I have now lost 30kgs in under a year which I guess is a good thing. About 5kgs to go till I'm back to what I was 2 years ago.

I've even been working out on the Wii this week! I've been doing the advanced step which is HARD! and the advanced boxing! It's fun though. I ran for 2 whole minutes on the treadmill the other day (walked the other 15mins). My walking on the treadmill is increasing in speed. Yesterday walked for 7mins at 6.6km/h and then 8mins at 6.8km/h. Then played squash for 30mins. No I did not win, but our rallies are getting longer and I'm actually connecting on 50% of my backhands now!

Wedding stuff is coming along. Went down south last weekend and met with the photographer. She seems really lovely and very open to our ideas. Had another great meal at Watershed and Lisa the co-ordinator talked us into getting a DJ! We managed to get the best one down there which is good. He said we can either email him lists of songs or just tell him what we like and don't like and leave it to him. Have arranged accomodation for our guests to book and a bus to take them to/from the accom and the winery on the day. Save the dates have arrived, so we'll be sending those out this week with the accomodation info. Got a quote on the cake I want - OUCH, so having a rethink. Got quotes on a bridal bouquet - DOUBLE OUCH! So now have asked a friend of mine who did a floristry course for 12months last year and she's confident she can do it for a quarter of the price. I'm a bit of a control freak so the thought of leaving it to a friend to do gives me the shakes - I mean what if it sucks! - but she's going to practice too so I'm sure it'll be fine. Friends of ours had a really funky invite to a wedding so we're going to steal the idea for ours. Found a dress online that I like. Of course it's some international designer which only one store in Perth stocks and I'm 100% sure it's out of my price range - typical! But I'm going to try it on and if the style suits I might see how much a dressmaker would charge to make something similar.

GB bought me a big bunch of yellow lillies a couple of days ago. What a sweetheart!

Hope to get around to all your blogs today!

Em :)

PS.: Fitting into size 16 clothes again now. Bought new pair of pants for work and was more than a little pleased as to how I looked in them :)


  1. Sounds like you have it all under control...well done!! I would love to plan and do my wedding again...especially as a "smaller" bride. I might one day:) You have lost soooooo much weight in the space of 12mths...don't be disappointed. We can tend to get stuck in the "still to do's" rather than looking back and congratulating ourselves on what we have already achieved!

  2. Sounds like the wedding planning is in full swing. I like the idea of a friend doing your'll have more meaning. Congrats on the new clothes. Isn't it fun to fit into smaller sizes and realize you like how you look?

  3. Wow - you are flying through the wedding stuff. I'm in awe