Monday, March 9, 2009

Good week

Very happy with my 1.5kg loss last week, even if it was TTOM. I usually struggle the week after so going to try my damndest this week to maintain or lose. GB struggling to get under 90kgs and has decided to put in a mammoth effort this week to do it. I'm still PBing on occassion and with no rhyme nor reason. We went to GB's folks place for dinner on Saturday night and struggled on prawns and cheese and PB'd a few times (including wine coming up through my nose - lovely) and it wasn't good.

On Friday we had our fortnightly date night and I nearly killed GB when we turned up to Jackson's. For those of you who don't know, Jackson's is considered one of the best fine dining restaurants in Perth and has a pricetag to match. It was a degustation menu - a whopping 7 courses! GB hadn't realised this! Luckily they are fairly small portions, that I'm sure a normal eater wouldn't be too impressed about but meant, luckily for us, we could eat most of what turned up on our plates. I started to feel full after course 3! There were 2 dessert courses which we asked to hold off on for about an hour so we could let the other go down. Had some gorgeous wine too. It was a nice meal and we had a lovely night but it was far too pretentious for us (the waitstaff wore white gloves!) and FAR too expensive! I'll try to remember to scan in and post the menu for anyone whose interested.

We played squash last week and I played the best I ever have in the second game. It took 20mins to play out and I eventually won 10-8. I was super proud of myself!

On Saturday, went to a few bridal stores with my sister. Tried on a few dresses but the chick was none too impressed when I shouted "NO VEIL" when she went to put one on my head!!! Saw a couple of nice designs, but I have my heart set on a particular style so I really want to try one in my size (they ones they had were about size 10's) so I can see if it suits before I commit.

Hope everyone else is travelling well and hope to catch up on your blogs soon.

Thanks for all your comments too, I really appreciate seeing them pop up!

Em :)


  1. Congratulations on the loss & the win! Way to go. Very impressive about the restaurant. I am interested in the menu. . . hehehe We stay away from white table cloths, let alone white gloves. :)
    Glad you are doing well, and thank you for sharing your life!

  2. Wow - 7 courses sounds scary. We ended up with four on NYE and I had to keep telling them to slow down with the service so I could enjoy it.

    Good luck with the dress - the internet is your best friend for finding what you want!

  3. That is a fantastic loss in one week!!!
    The restaurant sounds experience anyway if not one to repeat:)
    Make sure the dress you choose can be taken are rockin' it!!!