Friday, March 27, 2009


What do you think about my new background etc? A change is as good as a holiday as they say, but unfortunately I'm not talented enough to design my own layout so had to choose from one of the themes available.

200g lost this week. Fark. Maybe I'm not eating enough? Some days I don't have lunch because I often PB it anyway. This week with GB being off on his boys trip I haven't been cooking I must admit! I have had a few not so healthy snacks too. Here's what I can remember:

Yoghurt (lunch)
A sm pastry tart

Exercise - 6km walk (just over 1hr)

Light Iced coffee (small)
Diet yoghurt
Salad (lunch)
Quiche (dinner) - violently PB'd up :(

Light Iced coffee (small)
Diet yoghurt (PB'd)
Salad (lunch)
1/2 Potato, light sour cream, light cheese, bean mix (WW recipe)
4 x small  mince mix like san choi bow (WW recipe)
choc cookies

Exercise - 45min walk

Light Iced coffee (small)
Diet yoghurt
Salad (lunch)
Small bowl pasta
3x small veal cutlets (PB'd)

Exercise - 30min calorie burner L5 bike; 20mins weights

Light Iced coffee (small)
Diet yoghurt (lunch)
Salad (dinner)
1 sml pack vege chips

Exercise - 60min pilates; 45 min walk

Oh and I had a chocolate most days. Hmmmmmmm

I'm definately not drinking enough water. Going to fill water bottle up right now. And, done.

Missing GB. He's off in the Northern Territory on his boys trip and has been out of range for the past couple of days so haven't even been able to talk to him which sucks.

Fighting with DPI. Went into one of their offices 5 weeks ago to renew my driver's licence, change my address, get a new photo and have my visual aid conditions removed (thank you laser eye surgery). 2 weeks later, when I still hadn't received it, I called them and was told there was a mixup with my address because I'd also changed it online and it went to my old address. I tell them I have a redirection so I still should have received it but I didn't. Apparently I have to wait till 4 weeks before they can request a replacement. A few days later I get a sticker in the mail for my old address. Helpful. Then when 4 weeks had passed I called them again, they need my new address in writing. So I fax them a diatribe about the situation again giving my details in writing for the THIRD time. Yesterday in the mail I get a change of address sticker for my new address. STill not helpful when I don't have a farking valid drivers licence to stick it too. Plus the whole point of changing it when renewing my license was so that my new license would have my new address on it and a sticker wouldn't be needed.

So now I've sent them yet another fax, giving them until next Friday to get me my farking licence or I'll take my complaints further. I don't know who too, but I'll find the premier if I need to. Geez. No wonder people have such disrespect for government departments. And I work for one!!!

So pilates yesterday was a lot more fun than last week. We did a lot of on the ball work which helped me because my core isn't very strong so I had extra support.  Backs of legs and shoulders sore today though.

Last Friday I did a mini health assessment at work. She crapped on about the importance of eating brekkie - didn't tell her about the band - just nodded along. Had to stand on one of those smart scales which we all know are highly inaccurate...right?? My results were:

Cholesterol: Normal <3 mmol/ltr
Blood Pressure: OK - 105/80
Body Fat: 42.1% (significantly overweight)
Total Body Water Percentage: 41.8% of total body weight. Females should be 45-60%
Muscle Mass: 48.5kg muscle (overweight - higher body fat % with moderate muscle mass)
Basal Metabolic Rate: 6681kj rqd for BMR (no where near that!)
Metabolic age: 50. Slowest you can get!
Bone Mass: 2.6kg - Women 75kg + = 2.95kg
Visceral Fat: 7 rating = healthy 1-12


Anyhoo, that'll do. Please leave me a comment, even if just to say hi!

Em :)


  1. Maybe try tracking your calories for a week and see how you're going... you might find that the chocolate tips you over... although you are doing alot of exercise which should be helping! Keep it up!

  2. I don't get the 'i can eat one day' and the next day 'i pb yoghurt' - it scares me that it is soooo unpredictable :(

    L x

  3. I'm no expert but I'm guessing the snacks, choccy and the "light" iced coffee could be doing you in? Maybe it's worth speaking to someone about what you are eating and where you are at with the band. I think maybe they can help? I got told I wouldn't feel like a snack when the band was right. Only the 2 - 3 half cup size meals a day.

    I know what it's like with your boy away. I got engaged a couple of weeks ago then had to move interstate for a couple of months for reconstructive surgery. Talk about a bummer! We have been apart in the same situation for 3.5 years before though. That hurt!

    I can't believe you are being stuffed around so badly with your licence. How hard is it? Obviously too hard for simple minds. Hopefully they sort this out this week.

  4. Hope you get your license soon. What a total bummer!

  5. Hi Em,
    Happy bandversary for a few weeks ago. Its still hard to believe that I was a whole other person this time last year it has been a whirlwind. Any way was having a sticky at your blog and thought I would say hi. I have an appointment to see Dr Watsons new Dr in a few weeks, I think I need a fill my husband thinks otherwise so I will see what the doc says.

  6. Drink more water. Fight more with government departments. Drink more water. Watch for sneaky mouthfuls. Drink more water. Oh, and can I suggest you drink more water ;)