Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 weeks...

Hey kids,

How's everyone been? I've been ok. Spent 5 glorious days in Bali last week - it was fantastic! Disappointed to have had to stay away from the cocktails and reflexology but I drank many a chocolate milkshake and had plenty of facials to make up for it! GB and I told my sisters and their partners on the 9th before my sister's 30th. They were very excited for us which was nice.

I haven't had too many symptoms until this week. Saturday GB was best man for his mate's wedding. Gorgeous affair and then just as speeches were starting around 7pm I started getting all dizzy and nauseaus, took a few trips to the loo and then went and sat in the car. GB finally found me and as much as I didn't want to, he drove me home - not before I left a vomit deposit in the carpark (lucky no-one saw!). Ended up vomitting about a dozen times until midnight when I fell asleep. Of course GB got grilled when he got back - everyone asking if I were pregnant. He reminded them I had just got back from Bali and said I was still on the pill! Even though I am in fact preggers, it shits me that everytime a chick isn't well it's assumed she's up the duff. It's really quite rude. I just know that when it does become public, we're going to get so many "I knew it!"s.

GB and I aren't agreeing on how to tell people when the time comes. He wants to make some big announcement to everyone. I'd rather tell a select few and just let the grapevine work (or put it on facebook! Haha). Really don't want to make a big song and dance about it! Anyway we've got 4 weeks to sort it out.

So yeah yesterday I felt nauseous from about 10am til 6pm. (then I threw up dinner). Joy. This morning it hit me about half an hour ago - I had a yoghurt and now feeling better. I had great plans to start back at the gym this week but I just felt so awful after work yesterday. I feel ok in the morning's so I may have to try dragging my freezing butt out of bed early and go for a walk then instead. I'm trying these acupressure seabands that's supposed to be great for travel & morning sickness - so far they're doing jack shit for me! Anyone have any other subtle remedies I can use at work?

Anyway, must go off to read the 60 odd blogs I've missed while I've been away! Hope you're all well!


  1. So the fun begins. Try dry crackers when the nausea hits, Em. Its a really shitty part of being pregnant but hey, at least you know that bub is in there and has a good hold. So thats the up side. Hope all else is going well. We will to have another get together!!

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  3. I got the clothes today - thanks so much!!!!!!! :-) Now if I can just stuffing my face with food I might actually get into them.

    With my first pregnancy I always found the morning sickness worse or got worse when I hadn't eaten - try small snacks often (I used to keep a packet of dry crackers in my work drawer that I would just keep nibbling on throughout the day).

    I hope you don't get too sick but it is all for a good cause :-)

  4. Hi

    I've never posted here before, but I have been reading your blog for a little bit now.

    I just wanted to offer my advice on dealing with morning sickness. I swore by Blackmores Morning sickness tablets with both my pregnancies. They contain Vitamin B12 and Ginger which is supposed to help.

    I hope you feel better soon.