Friday, July 30, 2010

A good day!

Hey kids,

I have been feeling god awful for a couple of weeks now but today I feel fabulous! This past week I have barely been able to keep any food down - band has felt tight as a fish's arsehole. And in between all the PBing, I've been nauseaus. Not fun at all I can tell you! The ginger pills & bikkies seem to have done the trick though. The other problem is that when I do have food I'm craving carbs big time. All I want is pasta and potato! I've been having a bit of it too which hasn't been to kind to Mr Scales (even including the stuff coming back up again!).

Went and saw Bowater (Fill doc) on Monday and filled him in on my latest situation. He's a bit of a douche. I get a lecture everytime I go there and I feel like saying. Dude. I've been banded for 2 years now. I know what I should be doing and what I should be doing, but I tell you right now I'm not going on this strict eat by the time of the day and only what you say BS you're going on about. If I wanted to and could live my life on a strict diet I wouldn't have needed the band! But I don't say that, I just nod and say what he wants to hear and get out of there. I told him I didn't want any fill, even though some days I feel quite hungry because I don't want to make things worse when the band is tight.

I had a shocking night of reflux the other night too. Fingers crossed everything settles down this weekend. Ironically it is the week I would have been due for my period if I wasn't up the duff. Not sure if that has anything to do with the added restriction. Could be that because apparently my body is producing a heck of a lot more blood for this whole baby making caper, I've got period-like bloating impacting on my band. Who knows. So if the nausea dissipates and the tiredness stays at a manageable level I'll be feeling fine. Other than that not much other pregnancy stuff. Except my libido is GAWN. Poor hubby. He was reading in one of our books that pregnant ladies get horny as hell, unfortunately it seems to have had the opposite effect on me!! He's been a little champion though and a major support which I really appreciate!

Managed to get to the gym once this week. Which was once more than the past 3 weeks! Given I'm feeling so fab today I'm going to go tonight after work if the tiredness stays away.

Weekend plans - Finally finish off my thank you cards from the wedding (how slack am I!) and maybe check out the Mundaring Truffle show.

Anyhoo, back to Friday Filing at work!

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