Friday, August 27, 2010

13 weeks

Hi gang,
Well it's all out in the open now. Family, friends, work, are all in the know. It's a relief not to be basically avoiding people but I did kind of like having our own little secret. When I told my little sisters (aged 8 and 11), I opened with "how would you guys like to be aunties?". Miss 8 replied "No thanks". A little underwhelmed to say the least!

Everyone is excited. Me? More freaking out still. I've never been into kids. Have I ever mentioned that before? In fact I never even entertained the idea of having kids. I don't do babies. Everyone says it will be different when it's your own, but what if it's not?

Other than that everything seems to be ok. I'm still struggling to keep food down which sucks arse because it means I'm eating unhealthy slider food which is not good for Mr Scales. It's 3 weeks to my sister's wedding, the bridesmaid dresses haven't arrived yet so I don't even know if it's going to fit anymore! The good news is I'm still fitting into my size 14 jeans and most clothes. Had to buy new bras because the ladies have gone up a size. I did buy maternity jeans so that when the time comes I can move into those. My work pant's are still fitting - just. The other day I went to the loo and realised my fly was undone! Anyway, managed to drag myself to gym twice this week for 30mins cardio. Going to investigate pregnancy pilates which is done around the corner from work - look at doing that once a week.

Hope you have all read Amy's blog this week - it definitely gave food for thought. I wish I could find my bubbles though - at the moment I'm struggling.

Bah what a downer of a post! I should mention that I'm lacking in sleep after waking up at 1am to find out that hubby & his mate had drank an entire carton of beer last night and then his mate drove home. Pissed at his mate for driving. Pissed at hubby for letting him. Pissed at myself for trusting that they'd do the right thing. Boys are truly fuckwits sometimes.

Anyhoo, have a top weekend. Go the Dockers.


  1. Congratulations Em! This is such an exciting time for you!

  2. God, it doesn't pay to go losing everyone's blog links......they go and get pregnant on me!! Glad I have found you again and congratulations:)