Friday, August 6, 2010

Pity party over!

Thanks for your comments guys, really do appreciate it! Can I blame pregnancy hormones for my little flip out? I'm as guilty as anyone of not commenting often so I shouldn't be surprised that it's the same for others! However, I will make an effort to at least say hi if you've posted something from now on! Hopefully you reading this will do the same!

I have decided to give it another 3 or 4 days and if I'm still not keeping anything down, I'll have to get some fill out. At the moment, banana smoothies and icecream just aint cutting it. Hubby is getting shitty coz he thinks the baby can't grow without me eating properly- which is probably true! And frankly I'm tired of looking at the toilet bowl!

Weight is holding steady around 79kg... Not impressed with the weight gain since the wedding but not a lot I can do about it for the next 7 months!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. If you can only keep down a smoothie, you may need the little unfill.

    Nothing against banana smoothies:), but you probably should be able to eat your proteins and greens for the bub;)

    Here's hoping you stop worshipping the porceline thrown soon.

  2. The first few months are hard, Em, but then things so settle down, I promise. How that goes with eating and the band, not sure. Do you read Tracy's blog - she had a bub a while ago and she has a band. I will see if I can find her blog add for you so you can have a read if you're interested. Chin up ha.. especially from the toilet bowl. xxxx
    Ok Traceys blog is