Monday, October 13, 2008

1hr 6min 28sec

That's the time I walked the 7km JDRF walk. My best time yet! Before that I think the best I'd ever walked that route was about 1hr 10mins. So I'm super stoked about that time. This morning when I woke up though my lower back was quite sore. Still I decided to walk to work as this week is supposed to be lovely weather. Last year when I was walking to work the quickest I did it was 33mins. Today was just over 37mins but I know I can walk faster, but my back was sore so it was slowing me down. Plus my ipod earphones were only working in one ear and you know what kind of effect one-sided music can have on a person!

Weight wise.. ugh... last week I put on 300g. Poop. I'm just eating too much I know I am. Anyway will see how I go this week. I have to get my mind set back into not eating for the hell of it. Still have had a few big dodgy and painful PB's lately so not sure if I want more fill in.

Anyhoo, please keep commenting - I like to know who's out there reading!

Em :)


  1. Good job with the 7km walk. That's a great time and you should be pleased. I've noticed that I can walk more now, and I don't get as puffed as when I first started. When I first jumped on the treadmill I could barely do 10 mins... now I'm jogging for 20mins straight!

    Weight wise, I hear ya sista! Be careful with the fill... it might tip you into the zone you don't want to be in... I was miserable when I couldn't eat anything... and I was constantly tired and lethargic..

    LBG xx

  2. Nice work on the walk - congratulations. I know what you mean about the iPod too - 1 ear drives me nuts.