Monday, April 6, 2009

Bye bye Obese me

Bit of a late update on last week, but the major news is: I'm no longer OBESE! Nope, just plain old overweight now! haha. Just missed out on reaching 35kgs lost since banding too with a major weight loss of 2.2kgs last week. Thank you TTOM! I'm now the lightest I've been since probably primary school!  The job this week will be to not put on as I tend to do the week after. As is usual for TTOM, I struggled badly with food, PBing most days which sucked, but today I can feel the restriction reducing thank goodness. 

We went to Margaret River overnight on Saturday to meet with the cake guy and the celebrant. Cake guy was disappointing given he knew we were coming but didn't have anything prepared and then gave us a sermon on unconditional love which was frustrating. Celebrant was great though, we're really happy with her. Had another fab lunch at Watershed and showed my mum where the wedding would be.

One week to go till we're off to Bali on a girls trip. One of the girl's has just cancelled for personal issues and I was supposed to be sharing with her. She wants me to go into a triple now which means a pull out bed which I'm not that keen on - I'm a bit old for pullout beds you know! I think if you cancel at this stage you should just take the loss. I know it's a bit selfish but I'm a bit pissed off that she's left it this late to cancel when really she was in the same situation when the trip was booked six months ago.

Anyhoo, best be off back to work!

Leave me a comment! I love 'em!

Em :)


  1. Hi Em,

    New girl here. Have read your blog in one sitting, loved it, and so nice to see another Perthite! Yay. Following your progress (and about to start blogging myself - havent got a date for the band yet but working on it) so if you see me, pop in. Look forward to your next installment.
    Cara :)

  2. I am SO SO SO SO proud of you!!! WELL DONE!!! Getting into the overweight category is something that is such a MAJOR achievement. Your health stats have just improved so so much...


    LBG xx

  3. Woohoo - congrats on hitting overweight - so very very cool.

    Enjoy Bali.

    Cake guys suck.