Tuesday, April 28, 2009



  • Reaching lowest weight since primary school

  • Losing over 35kgs from lapband.

  • 6 nights in Bali with girl friends

  • only spending about $300 in 6 nights in Bali

  • not putting on weight in Bali

  • going to the gym at the hotel once

  • Sister and her boyfriend got engaged on Sunday

  • Read Twilight then watched movie. Book is better

  • 2 weeks off work

  • Size 14 jeans fit (Target brand but still!)

  • Ordered wedding dress

  • Bob & Tiff on The Biggest Loser. Sensational!

  • My hairdresser has agreed to come to Margaret River to do my hair for the wedding

  • Dockers finally won a game

  • Made best lasagne ever and did not PB it.


  • Night reflux and waking up thinking I'm choking to death

  • Daily PB's

  • Quads aching for 4 days after doing Hinges in pilates on Thursday

  • Being back at work after 2 weeks off!

Luckily they've managed to squeeze me in between surgeries tomorrow so I can see about getting some fill removed and hopefully enjoy some food going down!  I don't know what has caused this sudden PBing and reflux, very weird considering I haven't had fill put in since November. Also, I'm enjoying the weight loss (of course) and I'm worried with the extra fluid out that that will stop. But I have decided that I would rather enjoy eating rather than being worried about where the nearest loo is and violently PBing for the next 6 hours.

Anyhoo, good to be back in the blogersphere. Looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs.


Update: Just had a call from Doc Watson's rooms and they can fit me in tonight at 6pm - yay! No more night reflux!

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  1. Glad they fitted you in - sounds hideous. Go Bob and Tiff. Even better on the hairdresser and wedding dress.