Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fill out

Well my 6pm appointment was deffered back to the original 9.30am one this morning. That was unfortunate coz last night was THE worst night EVER. Coughing and spluttering does not a peaceful night's sleep make.

Anyway, Watson took out .5mls which was more than I wanted out but he wanted to be safe and said I'm probably very inflamed from the reflux and PBing. I also have to take Pariet for the next week too. He was stoked with my results, having not seen him for over 6 months. I told him I wanted to get to 75kg for the wedding and he reckons I'll be too thin!!! So not true. When I look at all my flab I think there's way more than 10kgs of excess fat there!

Also turns out that his receptionist is also getting married at Watershed Winery, a few weeks before us! Classic.

Did I say that my sister got engaged on the weekend? Well I checked out the ring on her finger last night (which I helped choose) and it looks sensational! Sooo happy and excited for them.


  1. Glad that you got some fill out... hopefully you'll be feeling better! I had the same thing where I got real tight and couldn't eat and was PB'ing all the time and it was 6 months since my last fill... weird! :)

  2. Oh the 6 month thing is freaking me out - I'm doing the PB thing constantly. Roll on Thursday morning.

    You have done so well.