Friday, May 15, 2009

Stoopid Weight

I hate it, I tuly do. You put in a big effort and what do you get for it? Weight gain - 2 weeks in a row! The last couple of weeks I've done more exercise than ever before, I think my eating has been pretty bloody good (weekends excused) as I've been very careful after having fluid removed. Granted my food is actually staying in my body and not making a reappearance after every meal which is awesome, but I'm still being very conscious of portion sizes and not eating carbs for dinner. I even cut my iced coffee intake down!!!

This week I even tried this thing called "jogging"... it may be pronounced "yogging".... Well it was more like "shuffling" - at times I was sure I could walk faster! Monday night I took the pooch to Tomato Lake which is 1.6km around and decided to give it a go. Managed 500m (there's convenient 100m markings around the lake) and walked for 200m, then jogged 800m before walking home. Very impressed with myself I was! My knees (shocking problem knees that they are) were pretty farking sore but they got over it. Did an extra session of Pilates on Tuesday (plus gym after work). Wednesday night, GB and I walked the 7km bridges with Westie after work. Actually it's 6.8km's according to my new fandangled iphone app which uses GPS to map how far you go and your speed and time, even breaking down into 1kms. I decided to jog across the graham farmer fwy bridge (about 500m - forgot to check), and then decided to job the causeway bridges at the other end too - about 700m. All up did the 6.8km in just over 68mins. Not too bad. Yesterday I did pilates at lunch time and 30mins on the bike at the gym. And yep 200g gain. Farkers!

Anyhoo, nothing much happening besides work here. Now that I've finished bitching I'll go and catch up on your blogs!

Em :)

PS - I'm putting myself on a chocolate challenge this week. From today - NO CHOCOLATE. eek!

PPS - Even the dog is losing weight. She was down to 8.1kgs this week.. She got up to 9kg a few months ago the little porker!

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  1. How bloody frustrating. Maybe you need 0.?mls put back in? Definitely worth chatting to your surgeon about though thats what they are there for :)