Friday, May 22, 2009

Back in the game!

Phew! To be honest, when I had a sneak at my weight yesterday I knew that I'd lost what I'd put on but somehow overnight I got a nice big suprise with a 1.3kg lost from last week so I lost what I'd put on in the past two weeks plus more! YAY! So close to breaking the 82's now! After last week's disappointment and GB's frustration with not being able to crack his last kilo we did our measurements. GB has lost more cms (22) in the past 2 months than he did in the previous 6 months which is terrific! And I was relieved to see that although I hadn't lost much weight over the past two months, I've lost about 18cm still.

So this week I've done a couple of jog/walks of the 7km bridges loop. Best time was 62mins but I'm keen to get under 60mins over the weekend (weather permitting). After a month sans rain, Perth has finally hit winter with storms and torrential rain, strong winds the last couple days. I'm stressing out about our poor pooch today. The cleaner was coming this morning so I had to leave her outside. She has shelter under the portico but the wind is blowing the rain in all directions!!! I'll go and rescue her at lunchtime. We went and did the RSPCA Million Paws Walk on sunday with some friends. Got some great pics. One of our friends  has a 13week old border collie - SO CUTE! Here's some pics:
Happiest dog around!
Happiest dog around!

paws walk trio

For some reason the caption won't work here:

Abbie, Westie & Connor

So it's my birthday on 1st June - WA kindly having a public holiday to celebrate! I just found out the GB has organised a lunch with all our friends up in the Swan Valley on the Sunday! It was supposed to be a surprise but one of my friend's let the cat out of the bag this morning! Going to be a great day!

Oh and THANK GOD the chocolate challenge is over! Clearly though by my results this week it may have been a factor. I also cut down substantially my iced coffee intake (think I only had it twice) and started having a yoghurt for breakfast. So I guess I will try to reduce my chocolate intake even though this past week has been AWFUL!!!

BTW - my arse... sorry glutes... are super sore today. Pilates did an absolute number on them yesterday! GB is starting pilates with me next week so hopefully there'll be someone in the class worse than me at it!! On June 2nd we are starting a 7 week beginner's dance course too. I think it'll be fun and good exercise and will give us an idea about what we want to do for the "First" dance on the big day.

Well that'll do, don't forget to leave me a comment - even just to say hi!

Em :)


  1. Great to hear of your progress! Keep up the good work, I hope to do the Million Paws Walk next year. It is a goal I had from my surgery.
    Take care!

  2. I wish my hubby liked dancing and doing more exercise stuff with me. You're so lucky that the person that you're with has the same motivations as you...

    well done on the 1 week chocolate challenge.. I hope I survive that long!!

    LBG xx

  3. Hi Em,

    First up, thanks for commenting on my blog. It was so sweet of you.

    You are doing absolutely fantastic and it warms my heart to hear you all peppy and excited about things. I hear you on the iced coffee front - used to have quite the addiction myself - they taste so nice and are a hard habit to break lol. Your exercise routine is great... and yeah, Perth weather is SO crap right now. Didn't it change fast...? I guess its a case of be careful what you wish for... I heard so many people (myself included) say: I'm over summer, where's the rain.. and down she came!
    If you're ever down this way (Safety Bay)I would love to have a catch up. You're an experienced bandster and we could chat over coffee...not iced! lol Just let me know :)