Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OMG. I went out for dinner with the fam last night. I ate maybe a third of my meal and I can STILL feel it sitting there. SOOOOO bloated. But anyway let's back it up.

TTOM helped me achieve another 1+kg loss on Friday... less than a kilo away from the 70's! Unfortunately given the 4 day weekend I just had I'm pretty sure it'll be further away this Friday. I was even too scared to sneak a peak at the scales this morning. Friday, GB and I took the day off to hang out just us. So we went and saw State of Play at the movies. By the way if you're ever wondering where people over the age of 60 go on friday mornings - it's to the movies. I briefly wondered how early was too early for a choc top and decided 10am was fine! We went into the city to Solid Gold to check out wedding bands. Both of us shocked at the prices quoted! Met up with some friends at the Belgium Beer Cafe for an hour or so. Then we went to Coco's for date night (my choice) which was really nice. They have small or large meals there so GB got a small risotto (super tasty) and I got a small red emperor (also very tasty) and I will not deny that I had a piece of cake for dessert. Not to mention the bottle of wine.

On Saturday my sister's took me birthday shopping. I picked up a great red coat from Target which according to my sisters accentuates my tiny waist. Also got a black top from Forever Now (a non big fatty shop!) and both were in a size 14 - yippee!!! Meanwhile GB went shopping BY HIMSELF and bought new jeans, a new shirt and new shoes. He was very nervous about showing the outfit to me but there was no need - super hot! And size 33 jeans - what a skinny minny! We hung out together that night and watched that Zohan flick.

On Sunday GB had organised a lunch with most of our friends at Elmer's in the Swan Valley. Food was ok. I had a chicken caesar (ate about a quarter) and it was quite tasty. Filled up on cocktails and cake :). After lunch (about 5pm) my sisters and a couple friends came back to our place where we sang and danced all night - good times.

Monday morning GB cooked up a big brekkie for my sis and her fiance who had stayed the night and I had a poached egg on toast. Should have finished about 3 bites earlier as that was what I seemed to PB back up. Damn. Then he went off at about 10am and came back with cheesecake for my birthday so I had some of that (half a slice, then the rest a few hours later). Delish! Didn't eat lunch, just watched yet another flick (Eagle Eye - pretty good) and caught up with his folks for an hour. Which gets us back to the beginning of dinner out with the fam and me feeling soooooo bloated.

Some lovely lightening this morning. Poor little Westie was hiding in the walk in robe behind the washing basket. First time we've seen her that scared in a storm. It was so hard to leave her to come to work.

GB and I are starting ballroom dancing lessons tonight. Should be fun!!!

Anyway hope everyone is well! And congrats to Cara who has joined the Bandit world.

Em :)

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  1. High five on the size 14 ! I'm a couple of kg away from that yet!

    Forever New is gorgeous, I love their stuff! Looking forward to hearing all about the dancing lessons!

    LBG xx