Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just stuff

Hey there, look at this - another post!

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to say GB and I had a great time at the beginners dancing course (Week 1). We learnt the progressive barn dance, progressive jive and the slow rhythm. I'd done the barn dance way back in high school and it did come back to me so that's good. They have a social dance after the class so you can practice alongside the intermediate/advanced classes. Got thrown around a bit by one of the other beginners and rolled my ankle (although I soldiered on for another 20mins!) so it's a bit tender. But we both enjoyed ourselves which is the main thing.

Yesterday I went for a swim with GB after work. Did I mention that in their infinite wisdom GB and 2 mates have decided to enter the 2009 Busselton Ironman? Well they have. Just for the unititiated, the ironman consists of a 3.8km open water swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run (that's a marathon folks). A friend of ours did the whole thing by himself a couple of years ago - took 13hrs. GB and his friends are entering as a team, taking 1 leg each. GB is doing the swim. So he's bought a full body suit and doing some swimming lessons etc. He's asked for my support (which he has of course) in swimming a couple times a week. But geez it's cold! At least the gym up the road has an indoor 50m pool. Last night I did 1km and GB did 1.5kms. took about 40mins (forgot to check the clock). My shoulder is a tad sore though. Man, can I complain anymore??

I've just come out of my pilates class. Onto term 2. Felt super flexible today! GB has joined in too - he's onto his 2nd week. I don't think he's enjoying it very much but I'm sure it will help his core strength which will help his back problems that he has.

This past week I've been really uninterested in food. It's a complete first for me. Like I don't feel like eating anything at all. Of course I still am, we all need food, but I'm usually thinking about nice stuff to cook for dinner but the past week.. meh... don't care... crackers will do. It's weird I tells ya.

Anyhoo, best get back into my work clothes!

Em :)

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  1. i love it when i don't have an interest in food. my head hunger is the worst. i can think about food for 3 days and then eat two bites and be done. how neurotic can you get?