Friday, June 19, 2009


Put on 200g. Grrr. I have to be a bit more sensible on weekends and make sure I exercise at  least once because I seem to have to work hard all week just to undo the results of the weekend. And I can't get out of these farking 80's. Meanwhile GB is STILL losing!!!

On Tuesday I had workout palooza. Did pilates at lunchtime (having missed last Thursday's session), did 30mins on bike after work using HR program which nearly killed me! Then came home and did 30mins on Wii active (I hate lunges), and then we went to our dancing class for a bit of cha cha cha, waltz and rhumba! All on a kinda dodgy heel/ankle.  Wednesday did HR bike, weights and wii active, and Thursday was feeling pretty sore so just did pilates and took Westie for a quick walk. Our Auslan classes finish next week which I'm glad about as I'll be able to work out on Mondays again.

Thrilled to have updated to the new 3.0 software for the iphone. Can now send and receive mms! Although yesterday they were taking between 30mins and 3 hours to come/go through.

Work is narking futs. Always is this time of year but my life is made exponentially harder when I'm not receiving the information I require to balance the regional outturn from one of our districts. My head is about to explode. Today I've had to shut my door and put on some music to try and harness my chi (hehe) and settle down a bit before I blow my stack.

Shizen, thought I'd lost this blog coz IE crashed but luckily it seems wordpress had saved it as a draft. I don't think I had written anything else!

GB is having his wisdom teeth taken out and some "skin flap lump thingo's" removed from his mouth in hospital next Tuesday so I'm sure my stress levels won't be getting any lower. At least I'll have a couple days out of the office, even if I will have to work from my laptop in the hospital and at home while I babysit the poor boy.

OK I'm going to fill up my water bottle now.  I'm on the countdown to wine o'clock.


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