Friday, June 12, 2009

Slowly she goes

Lost 500g this week. God! I so want to hit those 70's!!!! I think I'm not eating enough (if you can believe that!). Still uninterested in food. Exercise wise, I've been going to the gym for at least 30mins on the bike Tues, Wed & Thurs and then the last two nights when I got home I've been on the Wii Personal Trainer. That shit is HARD! And I have it set to easy!!! Lot's of lunges :(

GB's body has decided to freak us all out after losing more weight this week! He's now under 85kgs and here we thought his body must have decided 86kg was the right weight for him! I think it's the pilates (not that he would admit to it) and the swimming. He did the full 3.6km swim in the pool last night in 90mins. I think that's bloody sensational for a first attempt. I'm so proud of him!

For the first time ever I cooked a roast on Sunday! Got Jamie Oliver's Italy cookbook for my birthday so decided to make the lamb roast with stuffing and everything. It thought it was a tad overcooked but everyone said it was delicious. I was very impressed with myself! Not particularly healthy mind you, although it didn't matter because for whatever reason I PB'd the bloody lot! It was very odd. It felt like it was going down ok. Then about half an hour later I felt a bit uncomfortable so went to the loo. Did a very small PB (nothing major). Then turned to walk through the bedroom and felt it all coming back up, raced back to the bathroom and just made it. YUCK!

Wedding update: We were a bit shocked last week at the price of wedding bands at Solid Gold so we're going to have a bit of a look around this weekend. There's no rush but we want to know what's out there. I think i'm definately going to have my engagement ring resized. Some days it seems to fit ok but most days it's super loose.

Also, need a new outfit for my sister's engagement party in a couple of weeks. Thinking about doing the dress/tights/boots look. Not sure if I can pull it off but going to give it a go!!

Work driving me nuts. Feel like I'm repeating myself 100 times and I farking hate that.

Hope everyone else is going well!



  1. And you were talking to me about food porn? And here you are talking about a lamb roast that is making my mouth water! For Shame! :-)

  2. Hi Em, just found you (again) via Jadey's blog will pop back to catch up tomorrow. xx