Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crisis over

After no sleep and an abundance of vomitting since Friday I got in to see a new doc at watsons called Maria ingram. She was fantastic. As I said earlier she took out 1.7ml which was about half of what I had in there saying even if I put on a kilo or two over next few weeks that's ok as I could stand to put on some anyway! I weighed in at 74.1kg! She was worried that I had so much probs given I'd had a relatively small amount of fill in and wanted a barium swallow to rule out a band slip given I was off overseas on Tuesday.

I got an appt at 2pm and let me say it's farking awful. Not only did I have to fast for 6hrs, I was completely parched and had to swallow this horrible chalky stuff! Anyway the doc there said he couldn't see any slippage but that I had some other common band prob (which I've already forgotten what it was called) which basically meant that the pouch was out of shape which was causing the reflux and inflammation. Basically the only solution is to remove fill until it settles down and regains it's shape. He said to resume normal eating and drinking and if I have any more probs in the next day to get the rest of the fill removed. Very scary proposition!

Having a pedi right now followed by my acrylic refills and then were off for our tans!

Ps had too good of a hens night on saturday which started this whole reflux prob in the first place! Will write all about it when I have time ... Prob in April!



  1. Oh well at least it is all ok for the moment :-) 3 days to go good luck!!!! Not too much fun on the honeymoon ;-)

  2. At least it wasnt a slip? Was that a relief? I do feel for you - just shoveling more shit on just when you need it.. not! xxx

  3. So sorry to hear about all your probs on the eve of your wedding. Go and enjoy yourself and have a great time. Both the band and us will be here when you get back. Happy Wedding Day

  4. Thank god it wasn't a slip!!! Fingers crossed it all settles down for you and you don't have to have anymore fill taken out!

    Enjoy your wedding and even more so, enjoy your honeymoon!

    See you on the flip side!