Friday, March 5, 2010

Still under that wedding goal!

Sorry for my lack of activity, posting & commenting over the past few weeks. I'm so fricken busy at work and trying to finalise wedding stuff I just haven't had the time for my blogging friends. Just know that you're in my mind and I have been reading (well to be honest, skimming) your posts still even if I haven't commented.

I was SO excited to reach my wedding goal last week that I proceeded to eat and drink a four day weekend away and was pretty sure I'd be back above 75kg this week. Even my exercise has been lacking - only did some on Monday and yesterday! But today I weighed in at 74.7kg (164lbs) so another couple hundred grams off! Yippee! It's TTOM this week, my first since coming off the pill and I'm happy to say I've had no increase in restriction or reflux this time! It can't be discounted that since coming off the pill a month ago I've lost weight and restriction (apart from the very first week off). Maybe it's a coincidence maybe not. I've had a little bit of heartburn but nowhere near as bad and a quickeze is doing the trick.

The negative side is that well I've always been moody around TTOM but this week has been awful, culminating in a massive argument with GB last night which ended with me having a breakdown and crying on the bathroom floor in between dry heaving into the loo. Not my finest hour. So does anyone know of any remedies for PMS? Should I check out some vitamins or supplements or something?

Just want to give a quick shoutout to another Perthite, Lauren who tracked me down on facebook to send a message. She's being banded in 3 days so my best wishes and good luck vibes are heading her way! She's not a blogger (yet!) but hopefully you can still send her cyber good wishes.

Anyhoo, best be getting some work done!

Em :)


  1. Maybe your PMS is slightly worse because of wedding stress too - I remember some whopping arguments with my hubby prior to getting married when we don't normal argue (despite my horrendous PMS every month - I think he just tunes out my rants hehehe)

    I can't believe there is only 15 days until your wedding - that is so exciting!!! at least if TTOM comes now your honeymoon won't be disturbed LOL

    Are you sure you don't want to give your favourite blogger friends a sneak peak of your wedding dress..........didn't think so :-)

    P.S if you find some miracle cure for PMS send it my way - I will definately need it when I pop this baby out :-)

  2. I have been thinking about you and all the wedding exciting. Congrats on the weight loss. Are you going to have a baby straight away??? Bit rude of me isn't it...sorry. Eveing prrimrose works preety well and there is another one but I can't remember the name...ask at a good health food shop. Can't wait to see the pics...good luck if we don't hear from you beforehand

  3. Sorry no sneak peaks of the dress!

    Sally - haha you must not be my facebook friend otherwise you would have seen a massive vent yesterday about how not everyone's world revolves around having kids! Of course I hadn't just told all them I'm off the pill, so your comment is ok! Basically we're not trying to have a baby and we're not trying not to. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't that's cool too. I'm not going to be taking my temperature and doing the deed on demand or anything.

  4. I get horrible PMS as well - last week saw me constantly depressed, snappy and ANGRY with Hubby and sobbing uncontrollably for no real reason. Thought I was going crazy.
    Just found out that both Vitamin B6 and St Johns Wort are really good for evening out that huge emotional dip at TTOM. I am going to try it, as PMS has really only arrived as I have gotten older and seems to be getting worse.

    Good Luck for your wedding!! I recall organising mine and I remember it was like having PMS for 3 straight months leading up to it! Never doin that again lol

  5. Ack! Ok what happened here? I was looking at blogs today and went? Where is Em, I haven't read one of hers for a while and logged in a different way and you HAD done posts and I missed them. SOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!!!

    I am SO PROUD of you for reaching your wedding goal (four day party party party aside lol)... seriously, Emma that is terrific news!! The PMS thing? I don't know really of any tabs that will help there apart from maybe herbal remedies (primrose is good I think!!) Since having lol... my PMS has pretty much gone. I mean I get a little ratty but nothing like I used to (which was about what you went through this month.. I remember it well!!)

    Only 15 days till your wedding? HOLY COW.. it's been so much fun reading about it all (but less for you in the planning I'm guessing, thats just stressful.) If we don't hear from you before then.. you're going to make a beautiful bride.. and when you get a chance? Lets catch up again - I would really love that!!!
    Cara xx
    PS Your comment about UP and Go's tasting like arse had me killing myself lol. Totally out of left field. Ahh gotta love that sense of humor!!

  6. Ok I've added you again on my bloglist - lets see if I get your posts coming through this time! lol Third time lucky xx

  7. Hey you,
    Bore away with wedding pics - would LOVE to see them. And when is Easter again? Sheizer, so busy i dont have a clue which end is front.. sigh lol.. cant wait for another catch up!!!