Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy Moly

Hey kids,

Forgot to bloody weigh in this morning! I doubt I've lost anything - possibly have even gained (yesterday I was 75.1) because my exercise and diet have been awful this week. Did pilates twice and started week 5 of C25k program on monday but that is it!  Eating has been shite too because I've been so busy I haven't really cooked anything, just been snacking snacking away.

Cara - I did wonder where'd you'd gotten too having been missing your comments! Just assumed you were busy busy busy! Glad I've returned to your blogroll. Oh and Easter is 2nd April (well Good Friday anyway).  Maybe we can catch up the following week or week after. Will flick you an email when I get back from the honeymoon and set something up. Oh and thanks for my sunshine award :)

Have been feeling quite overwhelmed with the wedding stuff and getting quite nervous about the big day. Funnily enough though not nervous about the ceremony but about the actual party side of things! Everyone has been building it up as the best night ever and I just want to deliver! I can't tell you all how much I'm looking forward to the honeymoon, a chance to unwind and de-stress!

Frick I'm having all sorts of probs with this blog post today. My paragraph about Baxter seems to  have disappeared and I can't be buggered retyping it so here's some dot points -

  • balls removed

  • lump removed

  • getting big

  • great dog

  • graduated from puppy kindy!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="369" caption=" Even with 20 toys, this is what he plays with!"]
Baxter playing with "red dog"


Anyhoo, I better get some work done! 2 work days left! YAY!

Em :)


  1. One week to go :-) good luck

  2. Such excitement in the air! Seriously - I actually remember the build up to my own wedding - the stress, the excitement, the hair pulling and teeth gnashing. Take a deep breathe and just let things happen okay. I mean you've organised and now its up to others to have THEIR fun.. (this make ANY sense whatsoever.. ? The heats frying my brain.. gahhhh..)

    Anyway, HAPPY WEDDING TO YOU and GB - stoked for you guys. And you're more than welcome about the Award - hard deserved I would say, sticking with me lol.
    Look forward to catching up in April then (thanks for letting me the know the Easter date - I couldn't be assed checking as yet!!) Big kiss and try to relax some. Mwah!!

  3. Yes, Happy Wedding!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    And congrats to Baxter too on his graduation. :)