Thursday, November 18, 2010

An email to my Federal Member of Parliament

Hi there Mr Irons,

I understand you're asking the people of Swan for their views on marriage equality. I cannot express how strongly I feel that marriage should be an option for EVERYBODY. The old fashioned adage that it is only between man & woman is ridiculous in this day and age and purely based on religious history. Given that my husband and I were able to be married this year despite the fact we don't have a religious bone in our bodies goes to show that the government need to move with the times. Marriage is a commitment between two people who love each other, the sex of these two people shouldn't even come into it. If churches don't want to allow same sex marriages then that's fine but they should still be recognised. Much like we had a non-religious ceremony performed by a celebrant, such should be the option for same sex couples. Frankly I don't even understand why anybody would oppose same sex marriage. If you don't want to get married to someone of the same sex - don't. Others being able to do so, doesn't in any way denigrate your own marriage! It's about equality Mr Irons. Equality for ALL. I hope that in a decade, we're embarrassed that this was such a debate as we are now embarrassed about the forced segregation of blacks and whites and the lack of voting privileges for women and indigenous Australians not so long ago.

I'm currently just over 5 months pregnant and I hope by the time my daughter is old enough to get married it won't matter who she wants to get married to. I hope I'll be able to tell her about the day the Government stopped legislating against equality and choice and recognised that any two people who love each other can make that ultimate commitment if they so choose.

While you're moving with the times Mr Irons, may I suggest you get a twitter account, allowing real time interaction and feedback with your constituents.

Love & kisses (lucky I'm not a bloke!)



Note: I did not actually sign off that way :) I encourage all of my Australian blogging friends to contact their Federal Member of Parliament whilst this debate is in the forefront of discussion.

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