Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entering the third trimester

Hey kids,

So yeah 27 weeks today...13 to go. Apparently that's officially in the last trimester. Getting load of movement from bubs. GB was poking my belly last night and she was kicking back - he loved it. End of the day though I'm being poked and kicked in the stomach! I'm off to the OB again tonight - think he'll give me a referral for the gestational diabetes test. I'm sure he won't be impressed with my weight gain - hell I'm not. Despite my best efforts over the past couple of weeks particularly, the scales have continued to increase. It's weird, I'm still in my size 14 work shirts (which yes were quite big to begin with) - except for the last button - but my arse and thighs appear to be where the weight is going. I still don't have the cute round belly at the front either which isn't helping my body image. I have a top tummy sticking out (can still feel my port though), then I have an inward gap and then a lower tummy too (not sticking out as much as the top tummy). I realise a picture would be beneficial here but photography has been banned in our house so you'll just have to imagine it!

Last week I did my pilates class on Wed night, then aqua aerobics thurs night (which was tougher than I thought it would be!) and tried out a "Baby Bump" Group PT session on Saturday morning. I am still trying to recover. Literally. I had to take yesterday off work because I could barely walk. Soooo many squats! My quads are still sore today but at least sitting on the toilet is a tad more bareable. Try being 6months pregnant, needing to pee every 30mins or so but being too scared to because it hurts so bad to sit down!!! I'm still kind of waddling today but it's a lot better. I have an OB appointment tonight and because he's always about an hour behind schedule at least and the aqua aerobics is at the same hospital I might try to squeeze in a class first.

Our baby furniture arrived last week so we did a mad dash to pick it up on Saturday. GB and I talked about it and because we're getting an a/c installed in the nursery plus doing stuff to the walls it would be better to leave everything boxed up for the time being. So while I'm getting changed I hear him call out that he's just going to take a peak. 2mins later I walk into the room to find the chest of drawers completely unwrapped. Then yesterday he decides he wants to put together the cot and change table too. So we decide to pull it into our bedroom so we can have the a/c on (it was 37C yesterday!) while we did it. We had the cot together except for tightening the screws when it suddenly occured to GB to see if it would fit out the door. I had thought of it earlier but incorrectly assumed that my very handy husband would have checked it first. Turns out it wouldn't fit. So we had to take the whole thing apart, move the pieces into the nursery and reassemble it in the sweatbox that the room was! I'll take some pics of the pieces we've got and post them up soon. Still a ways to go but slowly getting things together.

We're off down south to Busselton (a couple hours away) for an extended weekend on Friday for hubby to take part in the Ironman triathlon. I've mentioned before he's doing the marathon leg (42.2km run) as part of a team and unfortunately he's not had a good preparation with a morton's neuroma in his foot and leg pain. He's stressing out about it but I'm sure the adrenalin of the day will get him through - even if he has to walk some of it. Hoping it's not too warm as it's a long event and he'll be running through the heat of the afternoon. Still it means I get a mini-vacay down south - not heading back until Tuesday!

Today is the last day I can eat chocolate until Xmas day. The detox will do me good I'm sure!

I've noticed a few new people have joined my list of blog followers (hate that word). Leave me a comment if you also have a blog so I can have a gander! Or leave me a comment if you haven't got a blog and just say hi! Me loves comments :)

Ok kids, better do some work!


  1. Congratulations on getting into your 3rd trimester :). Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. Oh FFS. Why aren't I getting your posts again? Ive been so flat out but I have checked my list and you're not there and I went yay.. Em blogged at last - only to find out that you've done them and I've missed them. Theres a bloggy gremlin in my computer.. ARGHHHH

    First - you're having a girl? (I have a tear here) That is so incredibly awesome, Em. Seriously. I have been wondering how you are going with the pregnancy.. often actually (is that unhealthy?? lol probably.. but im a curious sort)... and youre prepping for it all now with the furniture. So so excited for you both. The third trimester will fly by. YOU MUST let me know when bub comes - I want to come see you in hospital!! Will try and sms you later or you send me one. Would love to touch base. xx

  3. Hi - a fellow Perthie here and a fellow lapbander but I dont have a blog myself. Had a laugh about your cot as we did exactly the same thing with our first one. Had to take it all apart and then put it back together in the nursery.

  4. Great to hear from a pregnant bandster. I've just found out I'm pregnant and love to hear how others are coping through their 9 months.

  5. Hey Em,
    Congrats on getting to the 3rd trimester! The difference over the next couple of weeks will be amazing. I now feel so huge and short of breath! I also feel like I have fill in my band again. Very strange.
    The weeks are just flying by. Won't be long until we have our little bundles in our arms.