Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey all,

Super busy at work but wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the letting me have my self indulgent winge last week! Talk about PMS!! I was a cranky mo-fo till Saturday! Thanks also to my newbie commenters - hope you stick around. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to read myself. Also, didn't realise leaving comments from blogger to wordpress was an issue but I probably should have guessed because it's the same for me! It sometimes takes me 5 or 6 goes to get my open ID verified and then my comment posted! It shouldn't be that hard should it! Thanks all for perservering!

And guess what - I got to go to that Tapas restaurant TWICE! It turns out they have tables outside where we could sit with the dogs so we ended up eating there for lunch Saturday and Sunday. Highly recommend it and you don't have to have tapas, they have a normal menu too.

Anyhoo, these reports aren't going to run themselves - best be off!

Hopefully will have time to catch up on everyone's blogs on Friday.

Em :)

PS - Tight as a fish's asshole yesterday and ended up vomitting (not even PBing) everything I ate. On fluids today.


  1. Ouch - experiencing that whole vomiting thing myself: it's crap.
    I'm still yet to go to a tapas bar. .it's on the list though - lucky you going twice! lol I love eating out.