Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reccap of Week 3 of SIS Challenge

Sorry for not posting on Friday. Sooo busy at work.. you know organising wedding stuff :) hahaha

Anyway ended up losing 900g last week which is the most I've lost in one week in fricken ages! So I was stoked. I probably was retaining from the week before but I'll take it anyway! Let's have a look at those goals:


Overall Goals:
- Be in the 77’s     Got about 800g to go in 3 weeks (Totally do-able!)
- Exercise 5 days per week      Yep have done this each week
- Drink at least 1L of water per day       Think I've missed 1 day. Usually drinking about 2L a day though.
- Clean out top drawer in bedside table           Not yet... still time though!
- Run 5kms without stopping        Bah haven't even been running yet!

Weekly Goals:
Week 1 – No iced coffee      Check!
Week 2 – No ice cream        Check!
Week 3 – No cheese & Complete the John Hughes Big Walk 15kms   Check on the cheese, but was in Bunbury so couldn't do 15kms. I did walk about 8-9kms though
Week 4 – No chocolate
Week 5 – No coke
Week 6 – No snacking between meals


So working on the whole No chocolate thing right now. Forgot about the challenge on Friday and had a crunchie so will try to go Sat-Sat. Today was my first big test. 2.30pm came around and I was jonesing for one but had a yoghurt instead. The next four days will be killer!

Anyhoo, check out the Masterchef Lemon Curd Layer Cake GB and I made on Saturday night. We bought a crepe pan especially and ended up making twice as many crepes as we needed as we started having a 'crepe-off' competition! Took us about 4hours to do the bloody thing as things need to set or thicken or whatever. But it turned out beautifully - and of course completely fattening! Shhhhh... it's a sometimes food!!! GB's family were over yesterday so they all had some and loved it.


Scheduled to see Bowater on Friday and was sure I'd want a fill but struggled too much last week during TTOM so think I might hold off for another few weeks and see how I go.


  1. OMG those crepes look amazing.. and four hours to make? Such patience. I was looking through your to-do list and far out.. you are a busy bee.. you exercised five times? Yoiks.. I really need to take a leaf out of your book. Must be so exciting with the wedding looming. It's going to be wonderful. Looking so forward to the pics.
    Cara xxx

  2. beautiful cake!

    Just found your blog and love it, I went through and read some of the older posts. You're doing so wonderfully and I get a good chuckle at your sense of humour :-)