Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking back Week 4

Hey kids,

I'm so stoked. Finally back to my lowest weight again! Was there in August and today I'm back at 77.7kg. Disappointing I couldn't lose 100g more just to be officially my lowest weight ever... to be honest (TMI Alert!) I think I need to do a poo so I think I technically am! hahahaha This week I lost 1kg. It's been soooo long since I've lost 1kg in a week... in fact..not since May! A few things have contributed to this I believe. For one, I didn't put on over 1kg during the weekend as I normally do so it was a good start to the work week. Also, no chocolate this week. OMG! I KNOW! It's truly amazing. The other thing is that I'm back in the mindset of not caring about food. Not looking for food. Not hungry. It's fantastic. But it did mean I didn't even eat dinner on Wednesday night, coz I didn't want to. Then last night I don't know what happened. I had a piece of cheese and then felt uncomfortable for the next couple of hours. Then all of a sudden had to run to the toilet where I vomitted (not PB) what appeared to be the water I finished drinking about 5hrs earlier. And cucumber from lunch came out of my nose. No idea what that all about. Very weird. So no dinner last night either. Anyway I don't care. That's 1.9kg in 2 weeks. Yippedy doo!

I still didn't manage to do 5kms but I did run around Tomato Lake twice which equated to about 3.2kms. Even got attacked by some ducks protecting their little ducklings. They didn't seem to understand my puffing out "I'm just running past little duckies, I'm not going to hurt you!"

Unfortunately we have a big weekend this weekend. In actual fact we don't have a Fri/Sat/Sun without some plans until Christmas!! Going to friend's place for dinner tonight, then friends to our place for dinner Saturday night, then even more friends for Brunch on sunday. Seriously, we have too many friends!

I cancelled this morning's appointment with Bowater as I'm losing weight and I think in a good space bandwise, so made another appointment just before Christmas.

Been working on our wedding invitations. They're going to be sooo cool. We just have to buy some glue and put them together now. When they're done, I'll scan them in here so you guys can have a peak.

Following the Sunday Program's piece about lapband (which I haven't seen but allegedly was quite anti lapband and very one sided), there were a few questions regarding surgery from a few non-surgery people at the We are Slimming forums. I wrote some pretty extensive posts addressing their queries, that might be handy should anyone be reading my blog who is considering surgery (or not!). Check it out here. The danger with biased and one-sided reporting is that people who have not been educated or researched this type of surgery judge those who have based on these reports which can often be hurtful. Everyone on the forum who commented was very respectful though and I hope I managed to educate them a bit further on the topic. I'm by no means trying to convert people to have the surgery, I just want people to understand why it's not an easy decision, nor an easy way to lose weight.

Well that's it from me today,

Have a great weekend!

Em :)


  1. Well done on your weight!! Can't wait to see your wedding invites :-)

  2. PS Would love to meet you one day - if you're ever down this way or I'm heading your way I will email. That would be so cool!!!

  3. OMFG I saw that program on Sunday and it pissed me off SO MUCH! But then I forgot to write about it.. hows my form. It was awful - showing some guy who had a disaster but seriously.. didn't they warn him of the small percentage that have trouble in surgery. Shocking reporting all over!!
    Yay on the wedding invitations.. that must feel good to know its out the way!! Seriously, I remember all these wedding plans like it was yesterday and it was stressful. Hope yours is better lol.
    And another OMFG for you losing so much! That is truly awesome. I want to be back there - where I wasn't looking for food. I feel I am going it on my own at the moment - having to watch myself all the time and its painful. You should be stoked - that was some achievement. GO YOU!!!
    Just a quick question lol where is Tomato Lake?? I have looked for it in the book but can't find it.. Maybe I'm blind.. or did you name it yourself lol. Again congrats - I'm stoked for you too. 77.7 is frigging brilliant!!

  4. Cara - Tomato Lake is just down from where I live in Cloverdale. It is not shaped like a tomato so I can only assume it's named after Mr Tomato. And a meet up is definately on the cards!

  5. Hi Emma!

    It' been eons since I read your journal. You are doing so well.

    I didn't see the piece on lapband, however I did see another show on pay TV from the UK. This woman was so upset that she can never eat whole foods again and will have to spend the rest of her life on liquids. They filled her band totally FOR HER FIRST FRIGGIN FILL!!! I have had my 4ml band filled totally (by accident) and was so uncomfortable!

    I've tried to join that forum a couple of times, but I never receive the email to confirm my web address!