Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I put on 500g last week. Want to hear my excuses? Nah me either. Suffice to say it was the curse of the weekend again. This week is the week before TTOM which I traditionally put on due to fluid retention. That sucks coz it means I prob won't make my 77's kg goal for the Spring to Summer challenge. Also tomorrow we take off for Busselton for the boy's Ironman Triathlon. We're staying till Monday too which means lots of food and drink (eek). Going to make a big effort to exercise while I'm down there to minimise the damage. Given my weigh in day is Friday, not sure what I'll do. I can either take Thursday as my weigh in, or bring my scales with me. Hmmmm

Started work at 7.30am this morning and I'm flipping exhausted... and hungry. Trying to hold on til 12 before lunch though. Might finish early though as I have a super sucky headache at the moment. Early mornings do not agree with me! (and yes I know that 7.30am isn't terribly early for some people but it is for me!).

Anyhoo, just had a catch up on your blogs and see that everyone is pretty much going well - good for you guys! I've tried to comment on most.

Best get back to work,

later gators,

Em :)


  1. don't worry that gain will disappear in no time :-)

  2. Getting down south at this time of year might spur you on - especially if you are down there to watch your other half in the triathlon lol. He's a brave man!
    I seem to be going up and down by that same 500grams too.. whats with that. I noticed you said you have been stuck on the same weight or thereabouts for five months.. HOLY HELL.. poor you. I really hope it shifts soon.. you deserve it! let us know how the weekend down south went :)

  3. Hi there

    I just read your ENTIRE blog today. Thanks!!!

    It was great to read about a success story and an Aussie. Your weight loss is amazing!!!

    I am having surgery on Monday and am struggling big time on the Opti...I am sooooo hungry.

    Your blog has inspired me...I am getting excited now.

    I would love to know some other Positive blogs I could read and aks some other questions so if you can/want to you can email me

    Thanks so much and well done to you and GB

  4. Thanks for your comment Sally - it's nice to hear I'm inspiring someone! Check out my "Inspiring Bloggers" list for other bandit's blogs.

    Feel free to post any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them. Leave me your blog address too if you have one!

    Em :)

    Good luck on Monday - Opti is the WORST part!

  5. Thanks Em

    Here is a question...Did any of your friends ever guess about the GB???

    Can I add your blog to my sidebar??? I just started my own blog today!!!

    Here is the link: