Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Swimming and other stuff

So last night I beat my personal best in the pool for 1km - 29mins 45 seconds. Last best time was over 31mins so I was stoked with that. I really pulled hard against the water in freestyle and I was flying sometimes! Wanted to swim for an hour but I've got an issue with my left shoulder and it aches after rotating it for that long so I stopped at the 1km mark.

Have been getting quite a few comments about me looking really slim lately despite my stupid plateau. I can only put this down to wearing clothes that fit me. I'm still pulling out my 16's and 18's because I'm putting every cent I have into our wedding account so can't afford to be buying new clothes. But every now and then I've been picking up some things on special from Target, Just Jeans which seems to have brought the comments out of the woodwork. It's nice. For so long GB has been the one to get all the compliments and comments about his weightloss (and rightly so, he's put in such a mammoth effort and looks fantastic) so it's nice that people are finally noticing my changes too. So my advice, wear clothes that fit - it's good for the ego! haha

I'm planning on buying some "pretty" swimwear for the honeymoon. I found a really nice tankini in Myer in the Jennifer Hawkins Cozi range (can't find a pic online sorry!) so might use some xmas money to buy that.

Speaking of the wedding, got a letter to say my dress is ready to be picked up. Very exciting. Will be interesting to try it on because I've bought a size 16 because my hips were borderline 14/16 at the time I was measured and they said it's easier to take it in than to let it out. Going all by my lonesome coz neither of my sisters can come with me! My dress alterations are booked in on January 18th with the dressmaker. Have semi finished the invitations. Well the main invitation is complete but we're working on the RSVP and wishing well cards now. Will hopefully  have them all ready to go by Christmas.

Cancelled my appointment with Bowater on Friday and now booked in on 20th January with a new doctor Dr Warren Jones. Never heard of him. Guess the surgery is getting too busy for just Watson (who I don't think does adjustments at all anymore) and Bowater.

Anyhoo, better get back to work!

Em :)


  1. How exciting!!!!!!!!You are going to look stunning for your wedding - I hope you post pics on here after :-)

  2. Em, you look stunning. congratulations on your weight loss.

  3. Well done on the swimming :)

    I really need to get into it myself, I think timing yourself is a great idea to track fitness. Do you have a waterproof watch? How do you time yourself?

    Jobo xxx

  4. Jobo - I have a polar HRM and the watch is waterproof so I use this to time myself in the pool. Swimming is awesome for fitness, I highly recommend it.

  5. How will look amazing on your wedding day no doubt!!! Great time in the pool too!!! I love the way your really shake up your exercise

  6. Cool about the exercise- it's so nice to make those strides! I am trying to train for a 10k and I will be excited when I start seeing some improvements like yours.

    I can totally relate to ppl "noticing" when I finally break down and buy a pair of pants that actually fit as opposed to wearing baggy saggy stuff which makes me look even bigger, funny how that happens.

  7. 10k run or swim? Either way - AMAZING! Good on you!