Friday, December 11, 2009

Up and Down

Story of my life right there! Whilst I'm residing fair and square in the middle of plateau town it's easy to forget how far I've come. Yesterday I read Cara & Amy's blogs who reminded me that it's not all about weight. So I thought I'd reflect some if you can bear with me!

 There are plenty of other benefits to having lost 57 odd kilos (from heaviest) - that's 125lbs for my American friends. I remember not so long ago, it would take me 5-10mins to recover from walking a flight of stairs. ONE flight of stairs and I'd be huffing and puffing and about to cark it! My fitness has never been better. Even though I still can't run the 5kms I want to, after the 3kms it only takes me a minute or two to recover before I can start jogging again.

Something I think Cara mentioned I can totally identify with. Whenever we were out I used to look for the most sturdiest looking chair (and nothing with arms, that I'd have to squeeze my butt into!) to ensure it wouldn't break under me. Sad but true folks!

I love the fact that my entire day doesn't revolve around food anymore. I'm not thinking about where my next meal will come from! To be perfectly honest, I'm rarely hungry and now when I eat it's more because I'm looking for something sweet or because I know I have to eat something!

And even though I suck at pilates, I love that when I'm doing some stupid ab movement it looks like I have a super flat stomach and I can feel my pelvis bones! Nevermind the fact that the fat has just slid to the sides! haha

I'm currently wearing a size 14 pretty comfortably. I really want to be a size 12. Clothes on, I look ok but I really hate my body. My upper arms are flabby which I hate because of my weirdly disproportionate mid-upper arms. Like my shoulders are ok, above my elbow looks fine, but the bit in the middle is oddly big. Has always been that way and my sisters say they've definately gotten smaller, but anyway...I'm definately going to need a tummy tuck at some stage. Even though my skin bum bag (that's what it feels like!) has reduced in size, it's still there and I hate it. Boobs? Well boobs are like bags of marbles. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I had a breast reduction when I was 17. My boobs were huge. I can't even remember what size bra I used to wear. Anyway I went down to about a C cup. Now I'm about a B cup but they're really unattractive boobicles.

Here's some before/afters as I know some people love pics.

[caption id="attachment_444" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Graduation March 08"][/caption]

The first one was about a week before banding. Obviously I'm in a giant cape so it makes it difficult to see how big I was but there you go anyway! The second one - well I can't find a recent full length of me but hopefully you can see my teensy waist! And my gorgeous fiance who will kill me if he finds out I've put his pic up but oh well!

[caption id="attachment_445" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="October 09"][/caption]












Anyway, I wasn't going to weigh in this week after 4 days down south eating junkfood and drinking wine, plus nearly no exercise (except for yesterday) but I though I'd jump on the bloody scales anyway and found I was back to 77.8kgs (300g loss this week). Thank you TTOM! It's so weird how you can work out and eat well and not lose, put weight on and then have a super dodgy week and lose.  But I'll take it. Coming up to the silly season which is soooo hard to keep on track. We've got multiple parties every week till New Year so I'm going to TRY to be sensible. I'm no nun though, so guaranteed there will be alcohol and lots of food but I'm going to attempt to get in my 5 days/week exercise and definately keep the water intake up. And it's going to be 37C and 39C this weekend - FARK! (98F & 102F) so maybe I'll sweat some fat off! hahaha

The band is in a pretty good place right now, even though sometimes I feel like I can eat too much. But over TTOM I was really tight - quite a few PB's and felt a bit of reflux so I don't want to make that any worse than it is. But I'm not hungry and usually satisfied after a smallish amount so that's good. I am booked in for a fill next Friday but think I'll postpone it another month.

The boys did the Busselton Ironman last Saturday and I was soooo proud of them. To recap, the Ironman is no normal triathlon it's a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle & 42.2km run. They finished it in 12hrs42min (middle of the pack). It was awesome. Bloody hot day though and the poor dog wasn't handling the sun and the swarms of people well - she had a couple of vomits, but we took her for a couple of swims at the beach while the cycling was happening (we only got to see our mate go past every couple of hours) and she loved it!  Cooled her down no worries. It was really nice to get away for a few nights and we went to Watershed to speak to our wedding coordinator to finalise a few wedding things which was fantastic.

Good luck to Girl Bandit, who's having the operation on Monday!

Funny tidbit - normally I average about 40 views a day and then a couple of days ago I had 280!!! And still no extra comments! hahaha Not sure what caused the spike but I hope people are getting something out of my ramblings!


Em :)


  1. Thanks for the mention....2 more sleeps for me. I may have been the one to spike your views as I read your blog from start to finish on Wednesday. It was such a good read and very inspirational. I had found a few negative Blogs so was thrilled to find yours and an Aussie too.

    Your look beautiful and so does GB....


  2. Wow, Emma
    I can't remember if I saw a pic of you (actually just thought about it, I have.. )but when I saw these ones I was like.. Shes beautiful!!! You really are and GB.. spunky!!!!

    Congrats to him for doing the ironman.. what a guy - that would kill us mere mortals.

    I hear you about the body parts.. same this end.. my arms between shoulder and elbow are not as I want them (I can see definition but they are still too big ..) and my tum.. well after four kids..blech ... I've been thinking about a tummy tuck too but even for someone like me, not usually scared of surgery - this one has me like EEK.. what they have to do to get it nice again freaks me out a little. Boobs the same! Bloody hell, walking wreck anyone?

    I am so impressed by how far you have come .. seriously!! 57 kilos is like OMFG!! You are a star in every sense. One day, looking forward to meeting you properly :)

  3. Hi Emma,
    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing - I am about to be banded on Jan 13th and have spent months reading various blogs and writing my own (though it's private just at the mini until I feel game enough to put it out there). I'm a 35 year old Adelaide gal - I'm married to my gorgeous husband who still makes me swoon and I have a beautiful little girl who is almost one. I have 46+ kilo to lose and can't wait to be where you are now - you're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey... xxx

  4. GB - that could definately be the reason for the spike! haha

    Cara - thanks heaps! And we will definately have to meet up soon. If she's not on your bloglist, check out fattypatty - she just had a tummy tuck a couple of months ago and has been blogging about it.

    AJ - Thanks for stopping by - good luck next month! When you're ready to make your blog public, let me know the link. In the meantime, keep checking in and let me know how you're doing!

    Em :)

  5. Wow Em you look amazing! Wishing you every continued success xxx