Friday, December 18, 2009


I was so sure I would bounce below the 77.7kg having sneaked a peak yesterday morning (ok I do this most mornings) to find I was in the low 77's. So you can imagine how happy I was this morning to weigh in at 77.8kg. Mutha-farker. Dinner out last night wouldn't have helped, but I only had half a greek salad and half a piece of cheesecake (shut up). I drank so much water that I had to pee about 10 times over night. Should have gone to the gym before dinner I know but pilates was tough at lunchtime and my arms and legs were soooo sore. Anyway, I was sad this morning to not see a new lowest weight ever. So much so that (and I'm warning you now that there is too much information ahead) I sat on the toilet for about 20mins trying to "vacate my bowels" and then proceeded to tidy myself up "down there". Didn't help. Still 77.8kg.



  1. Hehehe ah the things we do to see the scales move in the right direction - I think we have all been there (well maybe just me hehehehe)

  2. Too funny.....but still a great weight!!!

  3. Look at you - miss skinny minny. Can't wait till I see those numbers on the scales. Does this mean you are 'officially full of shit?" haha xxxxx
    Love Cara

  4. It's so funny the things we do to see the numbers LoL