Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 2 Challenge Recap

Grrrrr... more grrrrr.... yet more grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Have put on 200g this week. I'm so disappointed but only have myself to blame. Have stayed away from icecream since the choc top and have exercised 5 times this week. I have been drinking RIDICULOUS amounts of water. At least 2L a day, sometimes 3-4L! However, it was GB's birthday on Friday. Went out for dinner, had cocktails, wine, dessert... Then Saturday had lunch with his folks (another cocktail, more wine)... Saturday afternoon - caught up with his mates at the Balmoral (more wine plus wedges!). Sunday I surprised him with lunch at Millbrook Winery with all our friends. Great food (fattiest thing I probably could have chosen - Duck!... MORE WINE!!! (Seriously, their wine is bloody awesome!). Anyway, I'm sure you can sense a theme there! Then I ate my body weight in mars bar & chocolate fudge slice, cheesecake on Tuesday after one of my receptionists retired. Come to think of it I was lucky to get away with only putting on 200g! 

I'm also due for TTOM in a few days, so perhaps could be retaining. It sure does explain my mood lately! I'm seriously grumpy. We're off to Bunbury this weekend for a triathlon so the boys can have a trial run before the Ironman in December. We're camping - which I don't mind normally but it's going to be farking freezing. Plus the boys get together and become obnoxious annoying drunks, the only other partner going is pretty much exactly the same (She spent 4 hrs of an engagement party sitting in the toilet), and I just don't have anything to talk to her about, you know? Tried to convince the other partner to go but she has things on this weekend so couldn't. So the only thing getting me through spending a weekend in Bunbury (no offence Bunbury people!) is that I'd planned for us to all go to Casella's Tapas which has a pretty good rep for dinner tonight. But GB just pointed out that we can't do that now coz we're all taking our dogs and can't leave them unattended at the caravan park. So I have fully cracked the shits. Not that I didn't know about the dogs, but I hadn't put two and two together on it.

And you know what else is pissing me off? You people!!! Leave a farking comment every once in a while!!! I'm such a whiny bitch right now! Must try to get out of my mood. Sorry for the outburst, I just wonder if anyone gets anything out of my rambles besides the 3 people who regularly comment and now I've probably alienated everyone else anyway!!! I guess I really do this for my own purpose, sort of a journal of sorts anyway, but being a fatty - I do require positive reinforcement. Even if you want to tell me "snap out of it you whiny ho-bag!"

Wedding stuff is starting to gear up. We're working on our invites wording etc and hope to have them out early January. We were going with the minimilist look at the reception being that it's a cocktail party and I didn't see the point but then I started thinking how it wouldn't look special blah blah blah so now looking at hiring chair covers for the few tables that will be scattered around plus possibly those high bar tables. Looked at ottomans and benches but far too expeno to hire. I'm stressing about money as it is!!

Anyhoo, I'm going to take my mood and emerse it into reading job applications for our reception position...

Hope all are well,

Em :)


  1. hehehe I know everyone who reads my blog has turned into ghosts - I know people visit but I have about three people who comment regularly and the rest nothing.

    Definately sounds like TTOTM is going to rear its ugly head - as a regular PMS sufferer (well not at the moment) I say go with it - don't fight the inner bitch LOL

    You probably starting feeling better once you got it out on your blog - I know I do :-)

  2. Hi Em, it is just not that easy to post a comment from blogger to wordpress. But I am commenting now! good luck on the wedding wording!!
    Looks like you've done wonderfully with your weight loss efforts-- are there any pictures around here?
    Keep up the great work you are so close!!!

  3. lol I can't say snap out of it whiny hornbag cos I think I might be a regular.. ahh what the hell.. SNAP out of it whiny hornbag!!! Nahh, you know what.. totally get the whole TTOTMT.. it turns us into witches and we just feel grumpy about everything!! and you know what.. 200 grams in a week? Really isn't that bad.. you could drop that and more in a night!!! We both know it.
    Hey, have fun in Bunbury..or at least try to! You have nice weather for it. You and me, we should catch up one time.. that would be fantastic!!!
    Safe travelling.
    Cara xxxx

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter!! haha!! I can understand why 200g is so frustrating, it seems that you've been having a hard time reaching that final goal. I'm now 5 months post surgery and doing good. I hope you do have a great time in Bunbury, I don't suppose there's any chance you can get the tapas to go?? :) Take care, Ali.

  5. I'd say snap out of it, but I've been one of the worst offenders at reading and commenting lately. Mmmmm .... wine = yum = wtf? where did that weight come from?