Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 weeks on

At the gym the other day I ran into my old Personal Trainer that I did about 6 weeks with this time last year. I was horrified that I've put on so much weight since then so had been trying to avoid her but no luck. She talked me into talking to their new personal trainer and to see if GB wanted to start PT too. We're saving for Europe so trying to reduce extra $$ but she's a hard person to say no too. Also she said if we each pay for 30mins we can train together for an hour.

Yesterday I went and talked to the guy. He said he'd love to train us and asked about our goals etc and said he'd get us to improve our fitness doing a bit of boxing, sprints, step ups etc (sounds scary but fun!). So I talked to GB and he said he'd do it if I wanted to. The cost decreases dramatically if you purchase 10 you get one free and it works out as $27 for 30mins rather than $35 if you pay one at a time. Obviously I want to make sure we like this guy etc before committing to 10 sessionsso when the membership chick phoned to find out our decision this morning I said that to her. I can't believe the beeyotch wouldn't throw in a complimentary session to see if we like it!!! She said we'd have to just buy 1 at $35. I told her I'd talk to GB about it and she'll call me back tomorrow. Rude cow. I don't think I'm being unreasonable! I mean when I said that we didn't want to commit to 10 in case we didn't like it etc she said "well you could buy 5 sessions"!! That's not exactly what I meant silly f-tard!

There was a gecko in our bathroom this morning. I hate things that crawl. I hope Westie eats it before I get home today.

Poor GB had an awful PB experience yesterday. He had a meeting in the city where they provided lunch. He tried to be sensible and took a small ham & salad sandwich. Got through half of it and then started to feel the pain. Unfortunately to get to the toilets you need an electronic pass which the guy presenting had in his pocket. So he ran to the kitchen and had to PB into a serviette. How awful is that!

Terrible weather in Perth today. Hoping it clears up as we've organised a picnic with friends on Friday!

Em :)


  1. Poor GB - that really sucks. Is he keeping much down at all at the moment?

    Oh, those gym people. How short sighted is that - it makes perfect sense to give you a complimentary trial with the new trainer. You 2 are showing that you are committed to getting healthy, and long term you are likely to spend more money with them as part of that.

  2. You probably wouldn't go too well up here then- during the wet season we have geckos and lizards everywhere, and the occasional treat of little frogs swimming up through the drains and toilet bowls.

    At least chasing the wildlife around gives the dogs a bit of exercise!

    I know what you are saying about trainers- they must be a boom business at the moment, because from the attitudes and service levels I've found they don't seem to care if they get new clients.