Monday, April 21, 2008

First Fill weekend

Well what an interesting weekend. We definately felt band power! On Friday we didn't eat anything all day after our fill. Then we caught up with some friends at the pub after work and wedges were ordered. We managed to get a few of those down ok. After that my hunger was gone again. However then our friends suggested grabbing italian across the road for dinner (about 9pm). We couldn't really say no so we went. I ordered canneloni which was 2 tubes and a big salad. GB ordered tortellini. I was feeling pretty full after just 1/2 a tube but managed to get through one whole one, leaving a tube and the salad on my plate! GB struggled with his tortellini - didn't chew enough and had to make a trip to the toilet to PB. Poor love, this turned out to happen quite often over the weekend. He ended up eating about 1/3rd of his bowl of pasta.

Saturday morning GB made us scrambled eggs on toast. We both struggled with the toast (GB having a PB) so just ate the eggs. Again I wasn't hungry for lunch at all. GB was helping a mate lay some floor  boards and was given some mini quiches for lunch which apparently didn't go down well and he was back in PB land! Saturday night GB decided he wanted to go to Duende (our favourite restaurant) for tapas for dinner. On such short notice we could only get a seat at the bar but it was really romantic. We started with some olives and the sweetcorn and manchego frittas. Lovely! Then we had some fish carpaccio (raw fish). Next we chose some chicken with yoghurt skewers and some kipfler potatoes with quail eggs. All delicious. The best thing about tapas is you just get really small serves to share and order till your done! We were feeling pretty satisfied after that but I really wanted to try churros. They are long donut king of sticks that you dip in a chocolate sauce. SO DELICIOUS. SO RICH. Afterwards feeling very full indeed! We also managed 2 bottles of wine ... so not so healthy but we ate and drank over about 2.5hrs and was such a lovely night. I recommend Duende for anyone!

On Sunday GB went to do floorboards again and having had issues with bread I decided to try an english muffin. Had to chew chew chew chew chew but got down about one and a half. Then my sisters and my cousin and his girlfriend who were over from Sydney came over for lunch. I served up some olives and cheese and crackers and dip (which i ate some of!) and then we headed to the Balmoral for lunch. I ordered a greek salad (who puts lettuce into a greek salad?) and managed to eat about half of it. GB ordered pasta and again struggled and had to PB.

I wasn't hungry for dinner but I made GB a salad to see if he could keep that down which he did. I feel terrible that he's having a hard time. My recovery period was 10 times more difficult than his but now it seems we've switched. I'm getting good restriction without PBing and he's struggling to keep anything down.

On a positive note, I took his measurements and he's done terrifically, losing 3.5cm off his neck, 10cm from his chest, 10.5cm from his waist and 11cm from his hips! Also a couple of cms from arms and legs. Sensational results!

Anyhoo, best get some work done.



  1. Wow - GB has done so well - so have you. I think one of the hardest things to get used to is the social aspect of eating - I love the social side of things. I found if I talk alot no one notices what you are eating. Trust me, normal people don't put lettuce in greek salad. Your Saturday night sounds good - we had thai - prawns with vegies and cashews on a sizzle plate for me - yum!

  2. Hello :-) I am seeing my doctor this week about starting the whole lapband process, so I have loved reading your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, it helps me understand what I am heading into.
    One thing I don't understand - what is PB?
    Thank you again :-)

  3. Hi Manda,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. PB is "productive burp" - it's when you bring your food back up. Kinda like vomitting but your food hasn't digested because it's been stuck. Usually happens from not chewing properly, taking too big a mouthful or eating too fast!

    Good luck with your banding.

    Em :)