Friday, April 18, 2008

First Fill

Just got back to work from my first ever fill. No dramas at all. We got weighed first off. According to his scales I've lost 5kgs (blah) and GB has lost about 12kgs. Then I hoped on the bed, he asked me to lift my head and look at my toes so he could find the port. Next he cleaned the skin with a wipe. Then he got the local anaesthetic which he warned me would sting briefly which it did. He waited a minute while he prepared the saline then I had to lift my head and look at my toes again and he stabbed me about 3 times (not that I felt anything at all) and injected the saline. All done!

Apparently I have a 10ml band and there is already 2mls in it naturally. He injects everyone with another 2mls on their first visit taking it to 4mls in total. The next fill (in a month) he'll inject another 1ml and then after that it depends on how we're going and finding the restriction.

Funnily I commented to GB before we went in, "I wish we didn't have an appointment at lunchtime, I'm starving!" Then after the fill, nothing, no hunger at all!

Anyhoo, lets hope things go well this weekend. It will be our first real test of living with the band. Must get some work done now, ciao!

Em :)

PS I've updated my measurements... 6weeks from last ones (4weeks from band). Not a bad start. Check the Measurements page for info.


  1. Work - overrated!

    I'm glad to hear your fill went well - did he give you guys any suggestions about what to eat over the next few days or are you straight back to normal food?

  2. No advice on food and I forgot to ask! We weren't hungry till later anyway and didn't eat until dinner and we definately had restriction!

  3. Hi Em, I have just been having a gander at your blog. You are doing so well. I haven't had my 1st fill yet, as my docs receptionist booked me in for 5 weeks time. I must say I am looking forward to it, as I am at day 11 and I am starting to feel a little hungry, so once again I am looking forward to my meals of soup. I see my dietitian tomorrow so I am going to mention it, as my 1st day of pureed foods is friday. Keep up the great work, and it must be nice having GB doing it with you for both of you to support each other.